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Evening Primrose - 100 Plants

Evening Primrose - 100 Plants

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The Evening Primrose is a commonly admired plant with a beautiful yet delicate yellow appearance

Evening Primrose Native to North America, this is a quick-growing herbaceous, biennial flower. It will be between three and five feet tall and two to three feet wide when it reaches maturity.  This uniquely refreshing plant blooms from July to October.

It has four to five yellow petals above a basal rosette. Its bowl-shaped flowers reach a diameter of around two inches. It has four sepals and eight stamens, complete with a prominent style with a cross-like shaped stigma. This plant will bloom with multi-flowered terminal panicles.

 Its leafy branched stems are covered with purple-tinged hair follicles. Its leaves are an olive-green color and elliptical-shaped. They typically reach a width of one to three inches and a length greater than six inches. This plant's leaves are stalkless and wavy-toothed.

Unlike many other flowers, the Evening Primrose opens its plant's bloom in the late afternoon to early evening hours

This causes it to attract nighttime pollinators like bats and moths. It will stay open for its morning pollinators, like bees, until noon. Then, it will close its bloom during the hotter hours of the day. 

 This herbaceous plant has various names, including Common Evening Primrose, Fever Plant, King's Cure-All, Evening Star, Sundrop, German Rampion, Hog Weed, and Oenothera Biennis. It's part of the Onagraceae botanical family. A very sought-after attribute of this plant is the lemon-scented aroma that its cross-shaped flowers put off into the air.

Due to its aromatic quality, many chose this intriguing plant as part of their garden border. This drought-tolerant plant has been known to grow in fields, thickets, meadows, disturbed grounds, and even roadsides. It naturalizes easily to whatever landscaping environment you want to introduce it to.

Around mid-August, this plant will produce fruit capsules. These narrow seed pods reach about one and a half inches. When they are ripe, they'll release over 100 seeds per capsule. This biennial flower has no serious problems with diseases or insects. 

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Lesterman's Gardens
Primrose Plants Doing Great

My primrose is doing great. It's really true they bloom in the evening. I took a walk late yesterday and there it was! I am so excited. I love your company.We potted up the other 99 of these plants to resell and they are beautiful too, with bright green leaves.