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Fern Moss - 25 Square Feet 79.99

Fern Moss - 25 Square Feet 79.99

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Fern Moss

Fern Moss, scientifically known as Thuidium delicatulum, is a type of moss that belongs to the Thuidiaceae family. It is a widespread moss species in various parts of the world, mainly in North America and Europe. It is known for its unique appearance and ecological importance.

One of the most distinctive features of this moss is its delicate, fern-like fronds, which can reach lengths of up to 10 centimeters. These fronds are feathery and intricately branched, giving the moss a lush and intricate appearance.

The color of Fern Moss can vary, ranging from bright green to yellow-green, depending on environmental conditions and moisture levels. It typically forms dense, low-growing mats or carpets on rocks, soil, or tree bases. It is pretty quickly growing.

Fern moss is a pioneer species, often one of the first to colonize disturbed habitats such as rocky outcrops, tree stumps, or bare soil. Its ability to rapidly establish itself and thrive in various environments makes it essential for soil stabilization and erosion control. Additionally, it provides habitat and shelter for small invertebrates and microorganisms, contributing to local biodiversity.

How Fern Moss Grows

 Regarding reproduction, it produces spore capsules that are elevated on slender stalks. These capsules release spores, which disperse in the wind and can lead to the establishment of new moss colonies in suitable locations. It is occasionally used in horticulture in terrariums and moss gardens due to its attractive appearance and adaptability to low-light conditions. It requires consistent moisture to thrive, making it suitable for these controlled environments.

In conclusion, Fern Moss, or Thuidium delicatulum, is a captivating moss species known for its fern-like fronds, ecological significance in habitat stabilization, and occasional use in horticultural arrangements. Its adaptability and resilience make it a fascinating component of various ecosystems worldwide.

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Customer Reviews

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Richard Bixler
Fern Moss great

I picked the worst days or month to lay my fern moss. With the temperatures hitting 108 degrees, I thought it was over. But the moss has survived. I will order more when it is a little cooler. I definitely like the look.

Christine Stephens
great moss

I am very happy with the quality of this moss, the packaging was great as well. This new nursery is a hidden gem, will buying many more items from them

De Etta Lerch

It is January in PA. and a perfect time to plant this moss! The ground is very moist, the air very cool, thus allowing me to work on getting it out of the bag over days instead of rushing. We are having plenty of rainy days which help me out tremendously!

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Kathy Schue

The moss seems to be holding its own. Had to wait for the ice to melt to plant it. Will have to see if it survives

Dear Kathy, Thank you for taking your time to leave the review! Our reviews are very important to us, and we want to make sure that your review reflects your current feelings. We would love to hear the update from you!

Ground Fern Moss


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