Foster Holly

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Foster Holly
Foster Holly
Foster Holly
Foster Holly
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Foster Holly

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Size 6-10''

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Foster Holly

Foster holly (Latin: Ilex x attenuata) is an evergreen tree that will reach between twenty to thirty feet high on maturity. It's a native species to the southeastern United States (first noted in freshwater swamp woods of northern Florida), but it does well in partial shade to partial sunshine in all parts of USDA growing zones 6 through 9.

It prefers moist but well-draining soil and a spot with nitrogen-rich organic matter. You can add peat moss, hardwood mulch, or leaf litter to satisfy that need. Once you create those growing conditions, the Foster holly will become a relatively carefree specimen in your garden.

Besides its handsome looks, this holly tree is an adaptable species. It is drought-tolerant, saltwater-tolerant, and disease resistant upon maturity. Its tolerance for occasional exposure to saltwater is why TN Wholesale Nursery staff often recommend this tree to customers who ask for advice on what to plant in a beach community.

Foster Holly Is an Elegant Tree

This tree is a TN Nursery customer favorite, thanks to its resilient nature and handsome appearance.

Some gardeners call this tree a topal holly. Many hollies have branches that start near the bottom of the trunk. However, those of this tree emerge several feet above--this makes it an ideal candidate for shaping into a topiary.

The leaves of this species are oval, with serrated edges and a lovely deep green color all year long. They measure about three inches long and an inch wide with a waxy feel.

In the summer, they produce tiny, almost undetectable cream-colored flowers. Small, cheerful red berries will emerge from the flowers in the late autumn and stay on the tree throughout the winter. You will likely see any birds overwintering in your area flock to this tree to pick at the little berries.

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