Green Velvet Boxwood

Type: Shrub

Green Velvet Boxwood

The Buxus Green Velvet is a well-loved option for an evergreen privacy hedge. It grows fast and will form a low hedge in about three growing seasons. Despite the fast growth, it keeps a lovely shape, eliminating the need for continuous trimming.

The Green Velvet Boxwood will reach about five feet at maturity, making it ideal for suburban or urban landscaping. It loves the sun and will grow throughout USDA plant hardiness zones 4 to 9 in a partially sunny to full-sun spot in your garden.

This species comes from Canada, a frost-tolerant hybrid that combines the English and the Korean boxwoods--very robust, resilient species. It happily tolerates the cold of its native home, Ontario, Canada.

Although it's both frost-tolerant and cold-tolerant, it is also heat-tolerant through the Carolinas and as far south as the American gulf coast. Additionally, it is deer-resistant, rabbit-resistant, pest-resistant, and disease-resistant.

Wholesale Nursery Co. recommends this shrub to gardeners who need a shorter shrub that will grow fast and look lovely all year.

Green Velvet Boxwood Care

You can plant this boxwood alone as a focal point, in a Rock Garden, as a container plant, or low-growing hedge.

Here are three easy requests that this evergreen asks of you:

  • Consistently moist but well-draining soil: This species loves high moisture but must dry completely between waterings. Find a location with excellent drainage.
  • Soil decompaction is a must: Soil compaction causes too-fast water runoff. As a result, the shrub's roots will not receive the water it needs. So take a few moments to work the earth and decompact the soil before you plant your shrubs.
  • Soil fertility: Add a generous scoop of organic compost or slow-release fertilizer at planting time. After that, you need only fertilize this lovely evergreen twice yearly (spring and early fall).

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