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Glade Fern

Glade Fern

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The glade fern is a fern with narrow leaves and is also known as the Silvery Glade Fern. The plant grows in hardiness zones 3 to 8. The genus name for the Glade Fern comes from the Greek term diplasios, meaning double.

Glade Fern Appearance

Glade ferns are tall and produce slender leaves, with about six leaves. The fern's fronds grow to around 90 centimenters long and 15 centimeters wide.

Caring For Glade Fern

Glade ferns require partial to full shade. When the leaves are fertile, they are erect and produce long, narrow stripes. The sterile leaves of the plant are thinner and taller than the greener ones and have pinnae that are noticeably skinny compared to the fertile fronds. The fertile leaves of the plant usually bloom late in the summer season and sterile fronds appear during spring. They require little maintenance and medium levels of water. Glade ferns tolerate dry soil well. These ferns also grow well in areas where there are rabbits, since the animals won't eat them. These ferns are native to North America and grows to be about 2-3 feet. The plant flourishes in Minnesota and throughout the southern regions of Georgia and Louisiana, as well as regions of Canada. Glade ferns usually grow wild in ravines, valleys, woodlands, and streams. The plant spreads from underground stems so a colony can develop during the fern's lifetime.

Growth Of Glade Fern

In the right conditions, Glade Ferns grow quickly. Fronds can be about 30 inches long and the fertile fronds of the plant maintain a tall and strong posture. The plants stand straight up and have a slender appearance, which makes the ferns suitable for natural front or backyard decor. Glade Ferns also make wonderful potted plants as long as the soil in the pot is slightly dry and there's a place in your home to provide the proper shade requirements

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David DeAngelis

Glade Fern - 50 Plants

Roger Sims
Too Sound to tell!!

Yes we recived it and I was pleased to see two shoots on one clumo.I planted it the same day and so far I have noy seen any growth,but its spring and Im sure it wull be great! I live in zone 9 and have great luck with the Cinnamon fern,the Ostige fern, the Royal fern so the Glade fern should be good also!