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Golden Rod - 100 Plants

Golden Rod - 100 Plants

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Golden Rod Plant

The Goldenrod Plant is a herbaceous perennial defined by its bright yet small and dense clusters of yellow flowers. These beautiful blooms sit atop the tall green stems from July through September. Native to North America, Mexico, and Eurasia, these plants are commonly found in woodlands, meadows, prairies, swamps, and gardens. This perennial is simple to grow and will flourish in various conditions. It's drought-tolerant and possesses attractive nectar alongside tasty seeds that will surely bring in an array of curious bees, butterflies, and birds. Part of the Aster botanical family, this plant is resistant to deer. It's also not prone to any serious diseases or insect problems. 

Golden Rod is a Huge Flower

This Plant Will Grow Up To a Height of Between Three and Seven Feet and a Width of Six to Eight Feet. Depending on the specific species, this plant may have one or multiple wooden stems erecting from its roots. The stems tend to be very rigid and smooth to the touch. Along its branches, alternating dark green leaves reach between two and a half and three and a half inches long by one-half to one inch wide. These are typically serrated and can be smooth or hairy.

This herbaceous plant gives off a light anise or licorice aroma. At its apex, this plant will produce clusters of flowers throughout the summer and fall months. Each specific bloom will have five ray flowers measuring less than a quarter of an inch. These disk flowers have a total width of around one-third an inch, making them relatively minuscule. 

Golden Rod Makes A Perfect Potted Plant

The Golden Rod Plant Loves to Grow in Clusters. This makes it the perfect plant for bordering gardens, walkways, and much more. Its invigorating yellow burst of color can provide a great contrast against dark green foliage. Due to its height, this herbaceous plant is commonly chosen by homeowners as an attractive backdrop for household gardens. With its lovely, sweet scent, it can also make the perfect potted patio plant.

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Nina Bertsch
Golden Rod

They are potted up in a shaded area waiting for them to emerge from root system then plant around the garden and stream.