Goldenseal Plant


Goldenseal Plant

Hydrastis Canadiens is a petite, shade-loving perennial plant that's easy to grow and lovely to look at. It has lobed, bright citrine green leaves, white flowers, and cherry-red berries for a beautiful pop of color. They grow in partial or complete shade in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 to 7.

Goldenseal could be the solution you need if you struggle to find a plant that will work in a shady area with moist soil and limited sunshine. As long as the soil drains quickly and thoroughly, this shade lover might be the plant you need.

Not only is it beautiful when planted in the ground, but it is also lovely when planted in containers in shady corners of the yard. They also make an excellent gift, especially if you present it in an attractive pot.

Goldenseal Is a Lovely Plant

Hydrastis Canadensis is a small plant, reaching only about 1' high with a 1' spread. Its leaves are a lovely, zesty shade of green with multiple well-defined lobes that present on the stems in pairs. They have petite white or cream flowers that emerge in the last weeks of spring.

The flowers produce small berries that attract squirrels, mammals, and birds. Seasoned gardeners use this plant to trick hungry birds away from their vegetable gardens--these berries ripen at around the same time as their summer veggies--but they swear that the birds seem to prefer the goldenseal berries.

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