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Hairy Buttercup - 100 Plants

Hairy Buttercup - 100 Plants

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Hairy Buttercup Plant - Ranunculus

Hairy buttercup plants are members of the Ranunculus family of flowering plants. The Ranunculus family has more than 200 varieties, and these buttercups are among the most popular. They are mostly known for their circular blooms. The blooms are often in a round, or "cup" shape, with five petals.

They come in various colors but are commonly deep, rich yellow. Their petals also have a deep, rich sheen, making them appear buttery, leading to their name. Buttercups are a plant that's endured for centuries at a time with very little change, and they often induce a sense of nostalgia when we see them planted in flower beds. 

The Hair Buttercup Has Medicinal Uses

The standard variety can grow to about a foot in height, though there are also dwarf varieties that top out at about eight inches. Buttercups are annual plants that must be planted in the early spring to ensure summer blossoms. They are fast growers and require little care or maintenance. 

They need full sun with little to no shade. They are ranked in zone 7 on the U.S.D.A. hardiness scale. The main requirement is that they have excellent soil that doesn't retain too much moisture. This can be achieved by mulching the ground where they are growing.

They are also bug-resistant but do less well in humidity or where the soil cannot dry out regularly. One excellent characteristic of the Hairy Buttercups is that they can be planted in soil that's not rich as long as they are fertilized occasionally.

Hairy Buttercup Is Low-Maintenance Flowers And Is An Incredible Blast From The Past for Almost Any Gardener