Horsetail Plant

Type: Perennial

Horsetail Plant

A Horsetail Plant is a non-flowering Perennial Plant characterized by its bright green stems and black horizontal bands. With a construct similar to bamboo, this ornamental evergreen grass does well in a variety of environmental conditions. A member of the Equisetaceae family, this plant will reach a height of two to five feet at full maturity and a spread of one to six feet.

Horsetail Plant is a perennial with hollow stems

It can create a unique vertical accent with its textured stems that have an abundance of black rings. In fact, many people add it to their Water Gardens, trough gardens, containers, and other wetlands areas to craft foliage during all the months of the year, including winter time.

Each stem can grow up to a base diameter of one-half of an inch. Every stem node will possess a whorl of stem-clasping, minuscule leaves. These scale-like leaves seem to fuse right into a one-quarter-inch grayish-ash sheath with fringe-like teeth. During the growing season, this plant will shed these teeth.

Native to North America, Europe, and Asia, this extremely fast-growing plant goes by a variety of names. Some of these include Equisetum Hyemale, Equisetum Arvense, Scouring Rush, Field Horsetail, Western Horsetail, Candocks, Puzzlegrass, Snake Grass, and Rough Horsetail. It has no serious threats of diseases or pest infestation. Due to this plant's rhizomatous growth habit and deep rooting system, it's fairly easy to grow for any green thumb.

This evergreen perennial will produce both fertile and unfertile stems. When a stem is fertile, it will bear a pinecone-like fruiting head. This happens in the mid-spring, and it takes on a distinctive light brown hue. This can grow up to one inch in length and will contain a plethora of spores for propagation. Similar to other ferns, this non-flowering plant is completely seedless and relies on spores for reproduction.

This deciduous plant's fertile stems will wilt after propagation. Then, its sterile stems will grow to keep persistent vegetation throughout the fall and winter months. This herbaceous plant can survive in both shady and full-sun environments.

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