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Jack In The Pulpit - 100 Plants

Jack In The Pulpit - 100 Plants

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Jack in the Pulpit

Jack in the Pulpit (Arisaema Triphyllum) is a beautiful and agreeable herbaceous perennial wildflower. It is a North American native species, covering from Canada to Mexico. It will thrive in a mix of shade and sun and do best in U.S.D.A. growing zones 4 to 9.

It is a common woodland species. You might spot it in moist or humid climates, like near streams, waterfalls, and woods or forests. It loves the fertile woodland soils and moisture it enjoys in these habitats.

This plant is an intriguing plant. It has a sturdy brown stem that hosts oval, dark green leaves with brown stripes. Two leaves form a hooded cup. The flower of this plant comes from the middle of the leaves, a tall, floral spike with small green centers surrounded by white tips at the end. After pollination, those white flowers turn red.

Jack in the Pulpit Care

This plant is beautiful in a natural area, rain garden, shade garden, or water garden.

It is one of the best-natured plants you might ever find. It naturally grows in the forests with no care. It loves high-moisture soil but only likes its roots sometimes to stay wet, so a spot with adequate drainage is crucial. If you experience a dry spell, this plant would appreciate a short watering with a soaker hose for a few minutes.

You may not need to fertilize this plant if you keep it surrounded with hardwood mulch or peat moss; it will take nutrients from those woodsy contents.

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Nina Bertsch

The bare roots have been potted up for now, awaiting for them to emerge!