Jewelweed Plant

Impatiens Capensis is a beautiful, colorful perennial plant. It is a North American native species that will grow in the total sun or filtered sunshine in USDA plant growing zones 2 through 11.

Jewelweed Plant is separate from its cousin, the yellow jewelweed. While they share some similarities, such as flourishing in almost every growing zone in the contiguous United States, they are altogether different plants.

Impatiens Capensis takes its name not from the jewel-toned flowers but from the leaves. The leaves are broad, catching dewdrops and rain very effectively. As the water droplets reflect the morning sunshine, they look like tiny crystals.

Jewelweed Plant Has Bright, Attractive Orange Flowers

The jewelweed plant grows up to two feet tall, with lance-shaped leaves and bright orange. The flowers grow up to 3 1/3" across and have five petals. The narrow trumpet shape of this flower makes it very attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. It blooms throughout the summer and into the first weeks of autumn.

The leaves are approximately 1/2" long, oval-shaped, and have serrated edges. They grow in an opposing pattern at the base and alternate at the top.

The species is known for its rapid seed dispersal. When someone touches the seed pods, they burst open, and the seeds will spread far and wide. Impatiens capensis grows best in moist, shady areas and can be grown in containers or beds.

It is an excellent choice for adding color to shady spots in the garden.

Caring for Jewelweed Plant

Jewelweed plant has a very self-sufficient and good-natured temperament. They are drought-resistant, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, and pest-resistant.

They're also self-fertilizing and self-seeding, meaning they will come back year after year without additional help. The only care you might give is providing about an inch of water weekly if needed.

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Impatiens Capensis is a lovely plant with an easy-care nature that will be a joy to look at with little to no work. Order your plants from Wholesale Nursery today.