Lily Of The Valley Plant


Lily of the Valley

Convallaria Majalis is a woodland native blooming perennial with lovely ivory (or occasionally pink) flowers that bloom in the summertime. The plant flourished in mixed or full shade lighting conditions in USDA planting zones 3 to 9.

Lily of the valley has a wonderfully fresh, sweet, and delicate fragrance. It has a light floral scent reminiscent of springtime, with subtle hints of honey and jasmine. It's a subtle and calming scent that many gardeners look forward to all year.

The small flowers look like tiny little bells. They are abundant and bloom in the springtime, breaking up the monotony after the long months of winter. The flowers can grow as tall as 8" tall.

Lily of the Valley grows in 12" wide clumps, making a beautiful ground cover. It develops leafy shoots, and a colony can form from a single clump.

Lily of the Valley Care

Lily of the Valley has very few care demands and is easy to maintain.

  • The main thing to remember is to give it plenty of moisture. Make sure to water it regularly and keep the soil evenly moist. It requires about 1" of water each week.
  • The plants need a nice, shady spot out of the direct sunshine.
  • If the soil is too dry, add some compost to help retain moisture.
  • Make sure to deadhead the flowers so the plants can store energy for the next season.
  • Lily of the valley spreads quickly, so be sure to thin out the plants every few years by dividing them to use in other parts of your yard or to share with friends. You will have an abundance of beautiful flowers.


With these simple tips, you can enjoy a beautiful lily of the valley garden for years to come!

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