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Lily Of The Valley Plant

Lily Of The Valley Plant

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The beautiful Lily of the Valley thrives in many kinds of climates. Those who want to plant it find it does best in zones three through nine.

Lily Of The Valley's Bloom Season

One of the most delightful things about the plant is that it has a relatively long bloom season. Gardeners can expect to see it start to bloom early in the spring for about three to four weeks. This period starts later and extends longer for those who live in more northerly climates.

Lily Of The Valley's Bloom Color

The standard plant color is a soft white. It's a more off white with hints of darker shades. However, some versions have a hint of pink while others are completely pink. The Rosea variant comes in either a hint of purple or entirely mauve.

Lily Of The Valley's Height at Maturity

A bush typically grows to about a foot in height. This is one flower that likes a rich soil with plenty of nutrients. It's also a flower that prefers lots of moisture in order to grow to its full height and show off those attractive blooms.

When planting a bush, look for spaces that have at least partial shade. The plant doesn't do well in full sun. This is a good choice in ground cover next to a full grown tree. Dappled sunlight will help it thrive and add beauty to any yard.

A Lily of the Valley isn't even a lily. In fact, it's a member of the asparagus plant family. This is one people like in many parts of the world. The small leaves surround delicate flowers with an understated scent. Gardeners appreciate the plant because it is a relatively hardly plant that can thrive under varied types of conditions. Begin planting in early spring and watch flowers bloom a short time later.

Customer Reviews

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Margaret Fontaine
Lily of the Valley

Pups arrived timely and in good condition. Planted them immediately so I am hoping they grow and multiply.

Jeff Barns
Economically the best online with quality plants

Plants arrived days after order in carefully packed box. Opened to inspect plants and found all looked healthy with no mold on roots. Roots of plant were moist and had a fair amount of them on each.
Never planted them before and seeing the roots is kinda like a leap of faith, the reward will be worth it. Does not look like much to plant and some planted were a little harder to figure out which end goes up but the riddle of each one got easier the more I planted.
Great healthy plants and superior company to buy from.

Linda Taylor
#1 Quality

Excellent plants, fair price—thank you!

Kathryn Wagnon
Lily of the Valley

The roots are plump and fresh. Planting is easy and I’m looking forward to the spring blooms.

Clara Cook

Lily Of The Valley Plant