Loblolly Pine Tree

Type: Tree

Loblolly Pine Tree

 Pinustaeda are a North American native species and the second most commonly-spotted tree in the country. This tree will flourish in the full sun in USDA plant hardiness zones 6 through 9.

Loblolly pine trees also have alternate common names. You might better recognize them as one of these:

  • North Carolina pine
  • Bull pine
  • Rosemary pine
  • Old field pine

Planting of Loblolly Pine Trees

The loblolly pine and Loblolly Pine Seedlings is notoriously unfussy about soil quality. These trees spring up on pristine mountaintops or along highways rife with air pollution. They do not seem to mind either one.

The prime consideration is finding a spot where your tree can soak up the sun for a minimum of six hours each day. This tree is both flood- and drought-tolerant; however, it does not like standing water, so good drainage is necessary.

When you plant your bare-root tree, you will need to ensure it receives an inch or more of water each week--especially for the first few months. If you live in the cooler zones, a blanket of mulch to insulate it during its first winter would also ensure its well-being.

After several months, it will establish roots and require little care from you.

Loblolly Pine Trees Grow to Enormous Heights

Your loblolly pine bare-root tree will eventually reach a mature height of around a hundred feet and approximately twenty feet wide.

A mature loblolly pine has curving branches and an even, nicely-rounded crown. It requires no pruning as it grows. It will take shape naturally. The dark green, glossy needles are about ten inches long and grow in small clusters of three.

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