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Maple Leaf Viburnum 3.79

Maple Leaf Viburnum 3.79

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Maple Leaf Viburnum


Maple Leaf Viburnum, scientifically known as Viburnum acerifolium, is a charming and versatile deciduous shrub that belongs to the Adoxaceae family. It is native to eastern North America, thriving in various woodland environments from Maine to Florida and west to Minnesota and Louisiana. This plant is highly appreciated in landscaping and gardening for its ornamental qualities, making it a popular choice among horticulturists and garden enthusiasts.

The maple leaf viburnum gets its common name from its striking maple-like leaves, which are deeply lobed, resembling the foliage of some maple trees. These leaves are typically 2 to 4 inches wide, giving the shrub a unique and attractive appearance throughout the growing season. Small, inconspicuous greenish-white flowers appear in clusters in spring, adding a delicate touch to the plant. These flowers are a valuable nectar source for pollinators such as bees and butterflies.

As summer progresses, it bears clusters of bright red berries that transform into dark purplish-black fruits in the fall. These berries are visually appealing and a food source for various wildlife species, including birds. This shrub's ability to attract wildlife makes it an excellent choice for wildlife gardens and naturalistic landscaping.


Maple Leaf Viburnum Adapts Well To Various Soil Types


The tree is relatively low-maintenance and adapts well to various soil types, including acidic to slightly alkaline soils. Maple leaf viburnum thrives in partial to full shade, making it suitable for shaded or woodland gardens. Routine trimming can help maintain its shape and promote healthy growth.

The tree is a lovely native shrub prized for its distinctive maple-like leaves, attractive flowers, and vibrant berries. Its adaptability to different environmental conditions and its role in supporting wildlife make it a valuable addition to gardens and natural landscapes, providing year-round interest and ecological benefits. Whether used as a specimen plant or incorporated into a mixed planting, this versatile shrub will surely enhance any outdoor space's beauty and biodiversity.


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Customer Reviews

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Mary Bradley

I'm very pleased with my bushes. the arrived in great condition and are doing well. They were packaged very well. Thank you!

MaryKay Fox
Maple Leaf Viburnum-great wildlife plant and...

I purchased 20 of these hard to find viburnum for our Friends of Mashpee NWR pollinator and wildlife gardens. The bare roots came in good shape and the root stock was very strong. Hard to tell if they will make it as they were dormant but got them planted into pots and dug into the ground to overwinter. Come spring I'll know if they made it. Excellent shrub for shady spots and great for nesting songbirds once it matures and provides tasty berries for those staying overwinter.

Thanks so much for your review MaryKay, we love getting feedback about our plants and take pride in our customer service. Please get in touch if there is anything else we can do to make your day.

Tim Donald

We love buying our plants here! Simply put, it's a great spot all around, with beautiful trees and shrubs.

Dear Tim, we are so happy that you enjoyed your experience with us! We appreciate the great review and look forward to working with you again soon.