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Maple Leaf Viburnum

Maple Leaf Viburnum

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Mapleleaf Viburnum

Mapleleaf Viburnum (Viburnum Acerifolium) is a beautiful, native species shrub that produces generous clusters of white showoff flowers in the late spring and early summer. It enjoys a mix of sun and shade and thrives in U.S.D.A. plant hardiness zones 4 to 8.

This shrub can achieve a height of 6' and is tolerant of pruning if necessary. It's a fast-growth plant that grows upright and does not need much attention.

Viburnum Acerifolium Doesn't Need Much Attention

It is a hardy species: deer-resistant, disease-resistant, heat-tolerant, and cold-tolerant. Here are the few tasks you can expect to do to maintain this beautiful shrub:

  • Watering needs: All it needs from you is up to an inch of water in the summer or during dry spells, but if you forget about watering, it will recover from drought with relative ease.
  • Fertilizing: Fertilize this plant in the spring and fall. If you follow organic practices, keep peat moss or hardwood mulch around the base to nourish it.
  • Removing suckers: Watch for the development of suckers and remove them when needed.

Wholesale Nursery Customers Love the Large White Flowers of the Mapleleaf Viburnum.

Most customers invest in this shrub for its impressive white to cream-toned flowers. These blooms are gorgeous in the spring, presenting in large, puffy clusters. However, each cluster comprises dainty, five-petalled, bell-shaped flowers that measure under a quarter-inch. The flowers remain on the branches for about two weeks.

Once the petals drop, the maple leaf viburnum will develop thick, dark emerald-green foliage that will last the summer. It is genuinely a lovely shrub even after the flowers have faded.

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Customer Reviews

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Mary Bradley

I'm very pleased with my bushes. the arrived in great condition and are doing well. They were packaged very well. Thank you!

MaryKay Fox
Maple Leaf Viburnum-great wildlife plant and...

I purchased 20 of these hard to find viburnum for our Friends of Mashpee NWR pollinator and wildlife gardens. The bare roots came in good shape and the root stock was very strong. Hard to tell if they will make it as they were dormant but got them planted into pots and dug into the ground to overwinter. Come spring I'll know if they made it. Excellent shrub for shady spots and great for nesting songbirds once it matures and provides tasty berries for those staying overwinter.

Thanks so much for your review MaryKay, we love getting feedback about our plants and take pride in our customer service. Please get in touch if there is anything else we can do to make your day.

Tim Donald

We love buying our plants here! Simply put, it's a great spot all around, with beautiful trees and shrubs.

Dear Tim, we are so happy that you enjoyed your experience with us! We appreciate the great review and look forward to working with you again soon.