Memorial Tree - A Living Tribute


Pink Cherry Blossom Tree Is a Good Tree For Memorial Remembrance

 A delicate adornment of semi-double pink flowers lays painted across the sinewy branches of a pink cherry blossom tree. With festivals to honor its mid-Spring bloom, this ornamental and small deciduous tree speaks to the beauty that nature and landscaping can provide. Though its bloom typically occurs in the warmer parts of mid to late- Spring, it may also occur in Fall. Its slightly fragrant flowers attract various birds while in bloom, including the northern cardinal and many species of bluejays. The blossoms last for a short time, usually three weeks, fading from pink to white as they mature. 

A Memorial Tree Represents Memories

 The tree shape begins compact and upright. As it ages, the branches spread out, forming the iconic rounded crown shape. Maintenance trimming may be done in winter to give a desired shape and size. Also, pruning should be done mid-summer to take care of the silver leaf. 

Eventually, if placed in a position to thrive, the pink cherry blossom tree may reach a height of 25' to 35' (7.5 m - 10.5 m) and a width of 25' to 40' (7.5 m to 12 m). Each year, depending on conditions, these trees can be expected to grow 1' to 2'. To reach full maturity, pink cherry blossom trees need relatively low maintenance. There are, however, several conditions to keep in mind.

Ideal Conditions

 The first parameter to consider is the hard zones in which they can grow. Using the designated USDA hardy zones, pink cherry blossom trees are well suited for zones 5 - 8, referring to the South, Midwestern portion of the United States. This region covers areas between the Mississippi River and the eastern portion of the Rocky Mountains that are just south of Iowa and north of the southernmost portions of Texas. 

 In general, pink cherry blossom trees prefer full sun and well-drained but moist soil. Typically, six hours of sunlight daily will produce the healthiest pink cherry blossom tree. The trees are relatively tolerant of the soil's pH level, growing well in neutral, weakly alkaline, or mildly acidic soil. Additionally, they grow in various soil types as long as they have excellent drainage. These include chalk, clay, loam, and sand. They should be watered weekly to ensure a moist top layer of soil. 

The last note to make regarding pink cherry blossom conditions is flora competition. These trees do not prefer to share soil nutrients, water, or sunlight. It's best to keep them as a focal point and space them well from other significant plants, trees, and shrubs.

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