Pee Gee Hydrangea

Type: Shrub

Pee Gee Hydrangea

Hydrangea Paniculata 'Grandiflora' is a gorgeous blooming landscaping bush. It is a deciduous species that will return reliably one year after another. It will perform best in full or partial sunshine anywhere within Zones 3 through 9.

Pee Gee hydrangea has an upright growth habit and can grow as tall and wide as ten feet. It's also a vigorous grower and can add 24" per growing season. Those habits make this species one that Wholesale Nursery often suggests when someone must quickly fill in a natural area or shade garden.

The flowers are large and puffy, resembling snowballs. However, they comprise hundreds of tiny individual florets forming 6" to 8" clusters. They have a long blooming season that lasts for many weeks during the summer.

Bees and Butterflies find the gorgeous flowers alluring; they will visit your garden, pollinating and creating a healthier ecosystem.

When not blooming, the shrub is beautiful. It displays dark green, oval, slightly rough-textured leaves that serve as a blank slate for the giant pom pom flowers.

Pee Gee Hydrangea Needs Only a Little Care

Pee Gee hydrangea is relatively self-sufficient but needs occasional TLC from you. Here are the few tasks required of you:

  • Soil: Peegee loves moisture but also needs soil that drains quickly. It also craves woodsy organic matter, so scatter some peat moss or hardwood mulch liberally around its base.
  • Water: Hydrangeas need about 1" watering in cooler growing regions and 2" in hotter or sunnier areas.
  • Pruning: Many gardeners prune or shape their hydrangea shrubs after bloom to control the height. If you decide to do so, perform this maintenance only after the petals drop from the blooms but before the colder fall nights.

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