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Pink Princess Dogwood

Pink Princess Dogwood

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Pink Princess Dogwood Tree 

Pink Princess Dogwood one of the prettiest trees for enhancing a residential or commercial landscape. Once you see this gorgeous specimen in all its pink blooms and pointed petals, you'll understand its immense popularity. Millions of these trees are sold annually across the United States at nurseries.

 The ornamental tree thrives in U.S.D.A. hardiness zones 5-9, meaning it is a hardy tree. You will often notice these trees growing throughout the Northeast and Midwest of the country, where summers can see humidity soar and winters can reach bitterly cold temperatures below zero.

Pink Dogwood Is An Easy Plant To Grow and Care For

Shipping is speedy and offered nationwide. For instance, the key thing to remember about planting one of these trees is its good drainage. Otherwise, rich and slightly acidic soil is all you need.

 This tree will grow its best when it gets full sun and partial shade. Look for a spot that receives direct, unfiltered sunlight for at least four hours daily.

 The spring blooming period is in May and May, and you'll be blown away by the showy flowers that grace your landscape. Even the dark green leaves of it are lovely and turn a striking red or purplish-red in autumn. The plant also produces shiny-red fruit that ripens in the fall.

 The tree creates enviable curb appeal and can be planted around your property in most locations because it only needs a little room. Nursery experts recommend maintaining a spread of about 25 feet at maturity because the plant will reach about 25 feet in height. By the way, the tree will grow between 13 and 24 inches annually.

 Generally, the tree doesn't need fertilizing, but adding a generous layer of mulch around its base will help the roots retain their moisture.

 The tree is an excellent choice for homes and commercial properties because of its tremendous visual interest, light care, and wildlife value. Small birds, such as robins, enjoy visiting for the fruit. 

The pink Princess Dogwood tree can last for 80 years.

How many more reasons do you need to purchase a Pink Princess Dogwood and Pink Spirea Shrub? It's a botanical winner.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Michael Birkle

Arrived promptly, planted immediately
Good root structure and dome budding. Of the seven trees nezrlt 3 weeks after planting, one never budded out ( Red bud) one died back to a few shoots at ground level (peach) and on remains a dormant green stick ( sweatband magnolia). The apple tree and two dogwoods are very happy with new growth along the entire stem. The other redbud is hanging in there. Overall it's a mixxed bag. I'm happy with what survived, especially at this price.

Bare root dogwoods

Quick shipment nicely pruned bare root 3' trees, hope the come up well.

Your review made our day, Rex. We have passed your comments on to our team so they can enjoy the good vibes too. Comments like yours make our work worthwhile. We love that you enjoy our plants. Thank you for choosing us!