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Purple Coneflower - 100 Plants

Purple Coneflower - 100 Plants

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Purple Coneflower

The Purple Coneflower is a showy perennial that grows well in all environments. It features a maximum height of three to four feet and produces lavender-colored flowers. You'll find scattered leaves at its base that work their way up each stem and thin near its apex. Its flowers bloom at the very top of the branches mid to late summer.

Purple Coneflowers Have a Long Bloom Cycle

This plant has a relatively long blooming period that lasts up to two months. During this time, the plant will attract butterflies, goldfinches, pollinators, birds, and hummingbirds. This flower will produce a spiny, purplish-brown dome and drooping purple or pink petal-like rays. These rays are lanceolate with tapered ends and long petioles.

They have a rough texture and develop in quantities of 12 to 13 per flower. These prominent blooms grow radially symmetrical and shoot out from the under portion of the central cone. This deer and the drought-resistant plant have a fibrous root system. Its leaves are lanceolate at their tips and cordate at their base. They have serrated margins. In the late summer, this herbaceous plant develops large cypselae.

Purple Coneflower Plants Have a Long Lifespan

 This highly valued ornamental plant is well-known for radiating beautiful blooms during the summer months. Its strong upright growth helps its stems blend in with other foliage, while its lavender flowers provide a pop of attractive color to any garden design.

Purple Coneflower is known to have unbranched stems that make cutting fresh blooms easy. The colors can survive up to two weeks after cutting, making one long-lasting floral centerpiece for the dinner table. This lavished flower is a member of the Asteraceae botanical family and is native to eastern and central North America. It's very low-maintenance, making it a great addition to any home garden where you want to plant it and forget about it until you see its beautiful summertime lavender blooms.

Customer Reviews

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Karen Henderson
Spring Will Tell:)

I planted the bare root Purple Coneflowers and have treated them well:) However--since they are bare root plants, I won't know until Spring if they will actually grow. They arrived in good bare root shape. I gave the order a 3 star because I don't know if they are going to survive.