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Red Chokeberry

Red Chokeberry

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Red Chokeberry

Red Chokeberry is an attractive deciduous native North American shrub with dense foliage and pretty flowers. It will thrive in U.S.D.A. plant hardiness zones 4 through 9. It grows best in a mixture of sun and shade.

It is a water-loving species that will flourish on the edges of swamps, freshwater marshes, in the woods, and near rivers. Although the shrubs love moist soil, it also requires well-draining soil that will adapt to tolerate arid soils. It is an adaptable species that can grow beautifully even in the most demanding conditions.

The shrub has minimal demands for care. It needs adding fertilizer only twice yearly (spring and fall) and about an inch of weekly watering. You can prune this bush to maintain the lovely vase shape if desired.

Red Chokeberry Is a Lovely, Full Shrub

The shrub reaches a mature height of around 10' and 6' wide. It has a broad top but narrows at the bottom. This formation creates a vase-like silhouette.

Wholesale Nursery suggests this shrub to customers who want a plant with a long season and lovely color. In the earliest part of the season, it has pristine white blossoms--some of the first blooms of spring. The flowers have five small petals and form a cup shape. While small, they tend to form in grand, show-off clusters. Summer brings vibrant green leaves and then shifts its palette to fat orange-red berries in the fall.

The red berries are not fit for human consumption. However, your local wildlife will significantly appreciate the fall and winter nutrition.

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The red chokeberry is an attractive flowering shrub that will be an excellent addition to your landscape. Wholesale Nursery is a top-rate source for bare-root plants, including trees, perennials, ferns, and more. Give us a try--place an order today.

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Angelko Dojcinovski
Delivered As Promised

The plants came in very well packaged in a timely manner as promised, planted them shortly after receiving and they seem to be doing just fine.