Red Hibiscus


Red Hibiscus 

The Red Hibiscus or Hibiscus rosa-sinensis is a flower known for its brilliant red hue and five petals. Common throughout the tropics and subtropics and native to East Asia, it is an ornamental flower popular in India, the Pacific Islands, Indonesia, and China. The Red Hibiscus has a lot of significance to the point that it’s the national flower of Malaysia.

 The Red Hibiscus makes a fantastic addition to any garden just like coral-red-dogwood as its brilliant red hue adds a tropical and exotic allure to the garden and makes a striking impression on those who see it. The Red Hibiscus can also grow as much as 16 feet tall on trees and shrubs and is a hit with hummingbirds due to its bright red color being a magnet to them.

 It is a hardy and durable flower that can be grown in areas outside of tropical climates as long as special care is taken. As a tropical flower, the Red Hibiscus grows best in areas with lots of direct sunlight and well-drained soils, but it can be grown outdoors and indoors. Being a warm-weather plant, the Red Hibiscus needs temperatures consistently above 50 degrees Fahrenheit to be grown outdoors. Otherwise, it has to be taken indoors for colder climates.

Red Hibiscus Has Been Used In a Variety Of Ways

It is edible and is used in salads, cooked or raw. It is also quite popular in teas as an ingredient to add color and flavor, and it can serve as a natural pH indicator. It can even be used to polish shoes, the origin of one of its nicknames, “Shoeblackplant.” 

 Beyond its beautiful color and decorative design, the Red Hibiscus is a flower abundant with meaning and symbolism. The Hibiscus family has common symbolic meanings throughout cultures, with the color adding even more significance. The exact meaning of the Hibiscus will differ depending on the culture and color, but it has been commonly associated with femininity, beauty, and glory. 

 The Hibiscus is regarded as a feminine flower in North America, so it was widely considered a symbol of the perfect wife or woman. Receiving a Hibiscus in Victorian times meant that the giver acknowledged your beauty.

In China, the Hibiscus has many meanings relating to fame, wealth, and glory. As red is the color of love and passion, the Red Hibiscus symbolizes love, passion, and romance and is an excellent way to demonstrate your love and passion for your partner.

Red Hibiscus is a Flower of Incredible Beauty and Striking Color

With everything in mind, the Red Hibiscus and White Hibiscus is a great flowers to plant in your Perennial Gardens.