Red Maple Seedlings - Package Of 25 Plants


Red Maple Seedlings 

 Acerrubrum is a North American native species from the eastern mountains and central plains regions of the United States. These seedlings will thrive in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 through 9 and would love a spot in full or filtered sunshine.

Besides the incredibly striking looks, gardeners adore this tree for its growth habits. First, it grows moderately fast, adding approximately a foot two each growing season. Second, it shapes into a lovely rounded crown without training or pruning. They reach an average height of eighty feet with a forty to fifty-foot width at the crown.

Red Maple Seedlings will become a tree adding shade and beauty to the landscape.

Your bare-root red maple seedlings will undergo an incredible transformation over the following years and mature into a prized shade tree.

In early spring, a mature red maple tree will display small but pretty clusters of softly-fragranced, light red flowers. The leaves arrive in the spring in a medium-dark green tone but enrich to an even richer shade of green in the middle weeks of summer.

Once mature, your red maple seedlings will produce lovely clusters of pleasantly-scented dark red flowers in the spring. The earliest leaves of the season are dark green, deepening to a dark emerald later. The leaves are large and have three well-defined lobes. The canopy will transform from deep green to a bright red hue in the early fall.

Red Maple Seedlings Are So Easy to Care For

Your red maple seedlings are easy to grow and maintain. They only need fertile soil with good drainage, sufficient sunlight, and about an inch of weekly water. They are easy to grow for gardeners across a spectrum of skill levels, from novice to expert.

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