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Reindeer Moss - 5 Square Feet

Reindeer Moss - 5 Square Feet

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Reindeer moss is a wonderful addition to any lawn and garden. It is also known as reindeer lichen. It is often found in Arctic areas where it is very cold. It can typically be found in the northern hemispheres. It is branched and bushy moss that serves many purposes in these colder areas.

Animals Love Reindeer Moss

It is enjoyed by animals all over the world, like reindeer, caribous, moose and other larger herbivores. While reindeer moss is abundant in these areas, it is a slow growing plant. Therefore, once it is eaten it takes a long time to grow back. Observations have shown that it only grows about a fifth of an inch each year. This makes it easy to care for over time. This plant grows low to the ground, like you would expect for a traditional moss. It grows about 7 centimeters off the ground.

Reindeer Moss Is A Crazy Color

The color of it is exquisite. It is different than most other plants you would find in a lawn or garden. The color of each plant is slightly different and ranges from brownish gray to a light green. This plant changes color slightly throughout the year as the temperatures and humidity changes. It often looks it best when the cool temperatures arrive in the Spring months.

Reindeer Moss Is More Of A Mushroom Then Moss

This moss is considered to be a single-celled algae that is green. It can be purchased from stores and can grow over time. For it to grow naturally, it only forms when algae, bacteria or fungi form together through a symbiotic relationship. This is a unique and exciting plant to watch grow over time in all areas. Reindeer moss makes an excellent ground covering for lawns and gardens because it has a wonderful texture, color and style. It grows best in colder climates, but as long as the humidity is good, it can grow and succeed in a assortment of different ecosystems throughout the world.