Sensitive Fern


Sensitive Fern 

Onoclea Sensibilis is a mid-sized, well-shaped, lovely perennial fern with a particularly desirable trait. It is one of the only deer-resistant ferns, making it desirable for those in locations with nearby herds. It will flourish in USDA plant growing zones 3 through 9.

Sensitive Fern is native to North America and Europe. It prefers moist soil and can tolerate full sun or shade. It is one of the only ferns that will not wither in the full sun. Still, it prefers filtered sunlight.

The Sensitive Fern is known for surviving in wetland and marshy areas, so it's a good option for low-lying or poorly drained areas. This fern species looks fantastic as an ornamental plant in gardens. It's also known for its hardiness and adaptability to different growing conditions. It requires almost no care other than ensuring the soil contains sufficient moisture.

Sensitive Fern Is a Lovely Addition to the Yard That Needs Help

Controlling Moisture Onoclea Sensibilis typically grows to a mature height between two to three feet tall. The fronds are large and can be up to two feet in length. They are triangular-shaped and have a delicate, feathery appearance.

The Sensitive Fern has two sets of fronds. Fertile fronds for reproduction are narrow and
present in bright, vibrant green. Sterile fronds and broader and have a slightly duller finish. The leaves and stems might have a burgundy-mottled appearance, which lends richness and depth to the plant's lovely appearance.

The root system efficiently wicks water from the ground and hydrates the stems and fronds. It's ideal if you have a troubling wet area that rarely drains well.

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