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Sensitive Fern

Sensitive Fern

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Despite their name, Sensitive Ferns are surprisingly hardy. These plants love moist areas and can thrive in full sun when given enough moisture. Unlike other ferns, they grow in front or backyards with no need for overhead cover. The plants reach heights up to two-feet tall and their arching fronds create dramatic landscapes.

Sensitive Fern's Appearance

Their foliage gives a rippled, full appearance in shades of light and bright green. Not only can they thrive in full sun and wet soil, but they can withstand high temperatures and are popular throughout the humid, Southeastern United States.

Sensitive Fern's Formation

In cooler regions, Sensitive fern can withstand periods of drought. The fern's slender stems and full leaves create textural backgrounds for smaller annuals and other ground covers. Fertile fronds take on dark, mahogany tones and have a bead-like appearance. Natural landscapes and similar designs feature Sensitive ferns and the plants are valued for their ornamental features.

Sensitive fern are sensitive to frost, but not to human touch. Even though Sensitive fern won't curl back at the touch of a finger, they will lose some foliage when it gets cold. Remaining foliage stays throughout the the winter season to provide attractive, winter interest during the cold months.

Where To Find Sensitive Fern

Once the snow season ends, Sensitive fern reemerge. You can find their lush growth in water gardens, irrigated areas, moist and wet soil and other areas in gardens and yards, particularly in areas where other plants refuse to grow.

Sensitive fern's thick, green foliage is prolific and capable of holding back weeds and other growth. For this reason, they are an excellent plant for low-maintenance gardeners. An additional benefit for those who live in the suburbs and rural areas: Sensitive fern is deer proof. Hardly any other plants can boast that attribute. Sensitive Fern, Onoclea sensibilis, Zone: 2-10, Height: 2 feet, Prefers full sun to full shade

Customer Reviews

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Chris Stockley
Great product, exactly what I needed

The product came as described and was exactly what I need. Great value and great service. Thank you!

Betty Langhammer
Pleased so far.

Five bare root sensitive ferns arrived nicely packaged. Could not plant immediately but kept them moist and little fronds formed. I’ve planted four in pots and one in the ground. Fingers crossed. Will keep you posted.

Hannah Watson
Sensitive Fern

Arrived in a timely manner, all ferns are in excellent condition. I am satisfied returning customer

Thank you so much for this great 5-star review, Hannah. We really appreciate your business and helping to share the word about Tennessee Wholesale Nursery.