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Shasta Daisy - 100 Plants

Shasta Daisy - 100 Plants

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Shasta Daisy

Leucanthemum Γ— Superbum is a lovely, tall, and elegant flowering herbaceous perennial species. It is famous for its snowy ray petals and sunny face that seems to reach toward the sun. This sun lover species will flourish in USDA plant growing Zones 4 to 9.

Shasta Daisy is native to Europe and North America and grows in almost all soil conditions. It is a low-care-demand species that will be almost effortless to maintain while giving you weeks of lovely flowers to enjoy.

It is a long-time favorite for a cutting garden, cottage garden, or pollinator garden.

Shasta Daisy Is a Famous Favorite, Thanks to Its Beautiful Blooms

The plant grows in pretty but compact clumps. The leaves are lovely, green, and glossy.

Shasta Daisy has crisp white petals, sometimes tinged with pink or lavender, with showy yellow centers, and can reach heights almost three feet tall. It blooms in the spring and summer months, beginning in May and lasting until August.

The Shasta Daisy has a sweet, slightly earthy scent. The scent is most prominent in the early morning. Some people describe the scent as a combination of sweet nectar and a hint of citrus. This fragrance will attract many pollinating, including bees, Butterflies, and hummingbirds.

Caring for Shasta Daisy

The Shasta Daisy plant is easy to care for and requires full sun and well-draining soil. It is also drought tolerant and can handle temperature extremes, from cold to hot.

Caring for Leucanthemum Γ— Superbum plants is extremely easy. These plants prefer full sun and soil with good drainage. Water them regularly, but avoid standing water. Prune back dead or damaged stems and spend blossoms to encourage new growth and maintain a tidy appearance. In late summer, you can deadhead the flowers to encourage more blooms.

Order Your Shasta Daisy From Wholesale Nursery Today

Shasta Daisy is a garden classic. They are perfect for cutting and making beautiful arrangements or leaving in the ground to enjoy for a long time. Order your bare-root daisies from Wholesale Nursery today.

Customer Reviews

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Oliver Mendoza
Shasta Daisy

Such a beautiful bloom when mixed with other perennial flowers. A big joy for a gardener when this fully blooms as it perfectly defines its yellow color.

Thank you for the fantastic review Oliver! We loved being of service to you and hope we can assist you again soon.

Isabella Daniels

I am more than happy to say that I have ordered these for my whole family, and they loved them.

We would not be able to grow and develop without feedback like yours, Isabella. We are thrilled you had a great experience with us and hope to see you again soon.