Sourwood Tree Seedlings - Package Of 25 Plants

Type: Tree

Sourwood Tree Seedlings 

Oxydendrum Arboreum is a gorgeous deciduous North American native species that will best enjoy the full sun or partial sun and grow well in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 to 9. 

When you order sourwood tree seedlings, you will eventually have a handsome tree that will work even in minuscule yards or tucked into a small bare spot in your partially shaded garden. It reaches a full-grown height of between twenty to thirty feet; therefore, it will not overwhelm your other plants. 

It also makes a lovely understory tree, as it doesn't mind the company of taller trees--as long as they give it about six hours of light each day. 

The tree has an attractive crown at maturity, dense, well-shaped, and proportionate to its height. The leaves are green, oval, and glossy and have toothy edges that add textural interest. Cooler fall weather turns the leaves burgundy, purple, or deep red. 

The sourwood tree seedlings will evolve into trees that bear tiny, cream-colored, trumpet- or bell-shaped flowers. They emerge on the stems during mid-summer with an appearance like a lily of the valley flowers. 

Why Wholesale Nursery Customers Love Including Sourwood Tree Seedlings in Their Landscapes 

Here are the two most compelling reasons to plant sourwood tree seedlings: 

  • You can attract pollinating helper insects: Sourwood tree seedlings will become gorgeous trees. Their lovely mid-season flowers will lure bees, butterflies, dragonflies, and other helpful insects to help spread pollen and create a healthier environment.
  • You have the perfect species for urban or suburban environments: The relatively small size of this species and its tolerance for filtered sunshine make this perfect in urban or suburban settings. It's a natural air purifier! 

Order Your Sourwood Tree Seedlings From Wholesale Nursery Today 

Wholesale Nursery staffers will hand-select and dig the best sourwood tree seedlings imaginable. We put effort, love, and care into every plant we ship from our central Tennessee facility--and you will see the proof of that when you receive your order. Give us a try. We are confident you will be glad that you did.