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Northern Spice Bush

Northern Spice Bush

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Northern Spice Bush Shrub

Northern Spice Bush is a deciduous, North American native species best known for its bright yellow flowers and warm gold fall leaves. It thrives in full or partial sunshine throughout the U.S.D.A. plant hardiness zones 4 through 9.

The shrub grows in nature in sunny forest clearings and meadows. It is an often overlooked species. Wholesale Nursery suggests this plant to customers requesting advice on the best plant to grow on a semi-shady slope where grass doesn't grow well, leaving it dangerous to attempt to mow.

The Northern Spice Bush Is Undemanding in Its Needs

The Bush becomes self-sufficient once it strengthens and grows to its final size of up to 15' tall and wide. Until the shrub matures, it needs some help, especially water, during extreme heat or extended dry spells.

It adapts to dry or wet soils and does not care about quality. It resists damage resulting from heat, drought, disease, or pests.

The Northern Spice Bush Is Naturally Lovely

It is an early spring riser, developing large clusters of small, medium yellow flowers. These flowers will produce red berries in the summer. They are not palatable to humans but will nourish your backyard birds into the fall.

The shrub leaves are a deep green tone, ovate, and approximately 5" long. Leaves turn to a bright, rich golden hue during the fall.

Wholesale Nursery is one of the most experienced providers online. We specialize in North American native species and a few well-adapted non-native plants. The Northern Spice Bush is an often underappreciated option that we adore! Give it a try--place your order with us today. We know you will fall in love with this native shrub.