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Squirrel Corn

Squirrel Corn

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The Squirrel Corn plant, whose botanical name is Dicentra Canadensis, is usually grown for its beautiful flowers. It is a spring ephemeral. The plant dies back after its blooming period. It is dormant during the summer, fall, and winter seasons. The perennial is native to eastern North America and grows in forests and woodlands. Besides its lovely blooms, it is known for its unique shaped roots. At the roots’ end are yellow nodules that resemble corn on the cob.

The Stunning Bloom Of Squirrel Corn

The flowers are heart shape, similar to those of the bleeding heart. They are pinkish-white. The bloom is less than a half-inch wide and about an inch long. The spring-blooming plant has a considerably short blooming season. They start to bloom in April and end in May. The flowers’ stems are dark green, sometimes with a touch of brown, and point downwards. As the flowers begin to fade away, the leaves from the plant begin to take center stage.

The Lovely Leaves Of Squirrel Corn

The triangular leaves can be green with a hint of blue or gray. The bottom of the leaves are light green in color. They can grow to be about ten inches in length. They tend to divide multiple times, creating a lace pattern much like the fern. The surface of the leaves are smooth to the touch but have a waxy texture underneath. The plants extend to almost a foot in height.

Squirrel Corn Is Rather Low Maintenance

The plants are easy to grow and function sufficiently if grown in the hardiness zones 4 through 7. The plants prefer shady or partially shady locations. Their soil preference is well-drained, moist, rich soil. It is important to make sure that it does receive plenty of water during the spring when it is blooming and most active. Fertilizer can be added to the soil once a year if needed.

The Squirrel Corn plant makes a wonderful addition to any natural or woodland garden. It is the perfect plant for an ornamental garden. The plant will certainly add interest to any shade garden during the spring months. It tends to grow slowly, making it a perfect choice for a border plant or ground cover. Due to its sluggish development, it will not become a nuisance plant and encroach upon other plants or take up a lot of space. Even though it only blooms for a short period of time, it is a beautiful focal point for any spring garden.

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Austin Gray
Squirrel Corm

Great location for all of your plant needs! Wonderful website.

We always enjoy hearing what our customers have to say, Austin! We’re glad we could be of service and appreciate the kind words! Please see us again if there is anything else you need!

Gloria Epstein

my cedar tree is doing great. wanted to let you know.

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