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Squirrel Corn - 100 Plants

Squirrel Corn - 100 Plants

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Squirrel Corn

Dicentra Canadensis is a native North American species with charming, dainty, heart-shaped flowers. This beautiful perennial plant grows best in the filtered sun or shade in USDA growing zones 3 to 7.

Squirrel Corn occurs naturally in wooded areas, loving the shade and moisture of forest floors. It is a popular choice for gardeners, especially in the eastern and midwestern United States.

Squirrel Corn Is Whimsical and Charming

Squirrel Corn gets its common name from its seed pods that resemble a shape similar to a squirrel's ears. Alternatively, some call it a Bleeding Heart, a nickname referencing the beautiful, delicate, drooping heart-shaped flowers. Two heart-shaped petals connected at the base and hang from a long stem comprise a single flower. They are usually pink or white and bloom from May to June.

The foliage of the plant is a mix of blue-green and gray-green. After the flowers finish for the season, it provides lush greenery until the fall.

Dicentra Canadensis flowers have a sweet, delicate scent with a soft hint of vanilla. The scent is subtle and pleasant, making these flowers a great addition to any garden or bouquet.

Caring for Squirrel Corn

Taking care of Squirrel Corn is an easy process all season long.

  • To ensure healthy growth and beautiful flowering, give this plant plenty of filtered sunlight and water.
  • When it comes to water, keep the soil moist but not soggy. Water just the top inch of the soil when it feels dry.
  • Cut back any dead, damaged, or brown stems and foliage in early spring before new growth begins.

With these simple care tips, your Squirrel Corn will certainly thrive!

Order Your Squirrel Corn From Wholesale Nursery Today

Whether you commonly call this gorgeous plant Squirrel Corn or Bleeding Heart, you'll look forward to the beautiful white or pink flowers every spring. They are easy to maintain and even easier to love--order your Dicentra Canadensis from Wholesale Nursery today.

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Squirrel Corm

Great location for all of your plant needs! Wonderful website.

We always enjoy hearing what our customers have to say, Austin! We’re glad we could be of service and appreciate the kind words! Please see us again if there is anything else you need!

Gloria Epstein

my cedar tree is doing great. wanted to let you know.

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