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Tree Moss - 25 Square Feet

Tree Moss - 25 Square Feet

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Tree Moss-Climacium moss (limacium americanum americanum) 

Climacium moss (limacine americanum americanum) is often referred to as American tree moss because a careful examination of its structure makes many people think of trees. Its brown primary stems consist of fibrous rhizoid-like filaments.

The primary stem sends off reddish-brown to brown secondary stems that can grow from 0.75 inches to two inches tall. Each secondary stem then sends off tertiary stems that are between 0.25 and 1.25 inches long. 

Tree Moss Tertiary Stems Are Covered in Green Leaves That Become Darker With Age

In swampy conditions, the leaves may appear almost black. These leaves vary in size from 0.05 inches to 0.1 inches long. They surround the tertiary and secondary stems. They will grow from both sides of the tertiary stem and are highly prolific in wet conditions. 

 This All Moss likes to grow in damp conditions. While it can tolerate extremely wet conditions, these conditions usually cause this upright moss to topple over. The plant prefers to grow in rocky or clay soil. The individual plants will clump together until they appear to be one large plant looking like a cluster on rocks or dead trees. It prefers shady to partly shady conditions. 

 This plant has male and female species. The female species produce reddish-brown seed spores that ripen in the fall. 

 Many people plant climacium moss between large rocks in their landscaping. Over time, this moss will spread up on the rock giving it a beautiful natural covering. Remember that this Live Moss may only grow from 0.5 to 2.5 inches a year. Many artisans love to include a pinch of it in natural-looking craft projects.

Tree Moss is Often a Favorite Plant To Include In Terrariums