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Wild Geranium - 100 Plants

Wild Geranium - 100 Plants

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Wild Geranium

Wild geranium plants are known for their easy maintenance, and this plant is a favorite of the beginner and the avid gardener. They will fit in beautifully if you need a splash of color anywhere in the garden. You can grow them from seeds, cuttings, or already potted.

As seedlings, they will take approximately 12 to 16 weeks to flower. Gardeners and landscapers love this plant for many good reasons! They're hardy by all standards. The hardiness zone is 3 to 8, sometimes as low as 7. It's best to plant them in the sun and early in the day. Amply water the soil so it remains wet as you plant. Set them approximately 6 to 12 inches apart.

Wild Geranium Will Enhance Enhance Any Landscaping and Add a Stunning Curb Appeal

Water your perennials often. Best to avoid over-watering; be sure to drain your potted plants of any excess water. They don't need much more care; relax and enjoy it! Your plant will bloom happily for the entire season! Depending upon the variety of your perennial, the flower will grow anywhere from 6 inches to 12 inches or more in height.

Your home will come to life with the addition of your lush, colorful geraniums; Their warm colors will enhance the decor of any room in your house! They love the outdoors, and your home's curb appeal is astounding! Plant them as flower beds. They look beautiful alone and blend perfectly with other annuals. It makes an intelligent choice for border trim because they are so striking! Be sure to plant some in your window boxes, too. Hanging planters will make a beautiful statement on the porch, the patio, and the deck!

Wild Geranium For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

Geranium Maculatum or cranesbills are the best evergreen biennial, annuals, or perennials to enrich your home, garden, or landscape with beautiful, bright, and sweetly fragrant flowers option for sunny beds and borders. The genus has 422 species and is most commonly found in temperate regions, particularly Eastern Mediterranean.

Such long-lived plants come in a wide range of colors, shapes, and styles, making them a unique addition to other species like Chrysanthemums as companion plants. The sight of colored blooms seems aesthetically pleasing, ranging from red, pink, white, and salmon to dark purple, while black is also counted among these variants. The blossoms are five-petalled, similar in size and shape, differentiating the species from Pelargonium, whose petals are not symmetrical. The foliage is broad, flat, and lobed, radiating from a common point having pointed segments. The blooming time for the plants is in the summer.

These house plants grow 2 to 4 feet tall at maturity, while the same goes for spread. The species propagates well in full sun or partial shade; however, the plants need protection from the sun in hot summers, which is fulfilled by placing them in cool zones since they grow in containers, pots, and hanging baskets. These perennial species flourish in all seasons, from spring to late fall, in all types of soils, preferably well-drained and moisture-retentive. Ensure that the ground is free from water logging to achieve optimum growth.

The best harvesting time is in March or May for extensive growth. Timely pruning is beneficial to prolong the growth rate and thickening. The easy-care plants require low maintenance, especially the necessary plant watering. Overwatering can cause severe damage to leaves as they get wilt from extra moisture and die early. The chances of fungal spores increase in case of overwatering the plant.

The plants need no specific fertilizer to grow optimally, although light fertilizers like water-soluble fertilizers seem best for the enrichment of the soil. Some pest diseases are common in these winter-hardy plants, like rust caused by fungus. You can easily control all such conditions with the use of pest sprays. Additionally, adequate spacing between the plants can also prevent various diseases.

The most famous varieties of this plant include Zonal Geraniums, heat and drought-tolerant and recognized as classic geraniums. The next is Regal Geranium, also called Marsha Washington Geraniums, propagating best in cooler regions with multi-colored blooms. The third one is Ivy Geranium, named ivy because of its resemblance, which brings shiny leaves and cascading flowers. In contrast, the last one is Scented Geraniums, known for their widespread fragrance and considered a favorite variety for gardeners.

The plant spreads through cuttings, seed germination, and division. The pots are preferable for plantation as these are easy to handle and good for extra water drainage compared to the ground soil. The potting mix should contain peat moss, perlite, and equal soil fractions for considerable growth. The plants possess great horticulture importance and are beneficial for preparing various pharmaceutical products.

Sun Exposure: Full sun or partial shade

Water Requirements: Moderate moisture

Zone: 3 to 8

Best time to Harvest: Spring

Ship as: Bare root

Height at maturity: 2 to 4 feet

Customer Reviews

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Rick Gale
New things growing in my beds

Too early to say. They just really popped up a few days ago. Everything that I got from you guys went in the dirt and is coming out of the dirt on its own. I'm just thrilled and can't wait to see how they will look in the future. Thanks!

Frank Foley
Don’t know yet

Roots are in the ground but nothing showing yet. But previous planting have delivered at an acceptable %