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Yellow Trillium - 100 Plants

Yellow Trillium - 100 Plants

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Yellow Trillium

Yellow Trillium Luteum is a vibrant, flowering perennial that produces lovely, lemony yellow flowers in early May or May. They are lively but easy-care plants that need a spot in the partial shade or a fully shaded area in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 9.

Yellow Trillium is a North American native species

Early settlers noted the flowers in the pristine forests of the Great Smoky Mountain regions of Tennessee and North Carolina. They enjoy the rich, fertile soil among the shade trees and fast-draining soil in this natural habitat. You will have an almost maintenance-free plant once you create these growing conditions in your garden by adding hardwood mulch, peat moss, or other rich organic materials.

This robust species resists drought, heat, and disease without much additional care. It will only require manual watering if you experience a long dry spell. This plant Lights Up the Spring With Lovely Yellow Blossoms All trillium plants get their names from the three-leaved, unbranched, erect stems. The leaves grow in thick, eye-catching whorls.

They are oval, broad, and have a calming silver-green tone; they may have slightly attractive mottling. Each leaf is as long as 6" and averages about 4" across. Yellow trillium flowers are lemon to gold in tone, grow upright, and are stemless. They have a lovely yet mild floral fragrance with a drop of bright citrus. Trillium Luteum flowers pair beautifully with ferns or when surrounded by low-growing mosses.

Order Your  Yellow Trillium Flowers From Wholesale Nursery Today

This plant is an undemanding, good-natured plant that will liven up your springtime garden with lovely lemon-yellow flowers and provide beautiful greenery for the rest of the year.

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Yellow Trillium

I received and planted the yellow trillium bulbs. I hope they do well because they sure were very nice looking bulbs. I could tell that they were freshly dug and sent to me immediately. Thanks for such prompt service.

yellow trillium 2

it is simply the best I have ever found have been into nursery business for more than 5 years. Shipping is quick and the quality is great.

Thanks for the 5 stars! Your review is a great way to let us know we’re on track for making our customers smile! We appreciate you taking the time to give your feedback and look forward to serving you again in the future.