Arrow Wood Viburnum Live Stakes is also known as Viburnum Dentatum.

Arrow Wood Viburnum Live Stakes

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Latin Name- Viburnum Dentatum Hardy Planting Zone- 3-8 Mature Height- 6-15 ft Width- 6-5 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun

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Hardy in planting zones 2-8. Growth rate at maturity can reach 6-10 feet high and 6-10 feet wide. Arrow Head Viburnum will bloom from May to June with a showy white bloom. It will attract butterflies and is a low maintenance tree. It is also tolerant of clay soil and black walnut. Plant it in full sun to partial shade, and in well-drained, medium soil If you must prune do so right after the blooming, because the buds for next year’s blooms will form in the summer. The blossoms will be replaced by fruits that are blackish blue that is very attractive to birds and other wildlife. Fall color will be dull yellow and brilliant shades of red and orange. No real pest or disease problems to note; This tree is extremely hardy in winter. It is not very ornamental but is a friendly and reliable tree.
Arrowood Viburnum — More frequently known by Arrowwood Viburnum this variety of the viburnum family is best suited for hedges or windbreaks. The full height of 15 feet can be equally matched by the same in width at shrubs full maturity. Glossy deep green leaves replace with a brilliant fall color of red in the autumn. The flowers of the bush that appear in the spring followed by a deep bluish, purple fruit late in the year, Those berries will ripen in the fall bringing food to the wildlife drawn to its branches. Growth is at a medium rate supplying a dense, thick bush making the Arrowood viburnum a perfect choice for privacy. While it’s shallow roots can be susceptible to drought, the viburnum is remarkably adaptable to most soil conditions; An ideal choice for planting alone, in groups, or as filler in a taller hedgerow.

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