Evergreen Shrubs

Evergreen Shrubs

When looking to add landscaping to your home, there are numerous types of flowers, plants, and shrubs to choose from. Landscaping with shrubs will give you a variety of looks that you may be looking for and also a variety of uses.

Boxwoods are a type of shrub that is great for various landscaping ideas. They work well as an edge along a sidewalk or driveway. They also work well to have an edge around a flower garden. This helps to give your flowers a beautiful border and will also give shade to flowers when they are planted near the boxwoods that need partial shade. This type of shrub should be trimmed a few times a year to keep them looking fresh.

Evergreen Shrubs Look Great In Landscaping

Evergreens are great for landscaping as well. They are taller and add some height and shape to the various landscaping around your home. Not only are they taller, but they also bush out and are thicker, making it difficult to see anything on the other side of them. Because of this, evergreens are great for giving you privacy within your yard. You can easily plant a line of these around your backyard and be assured you will have the privacy you want. They also can be kept from being consistently maintained and trimmed back.

Hemlock is similar to an evergreen. They are great for giving you the privacy you are looking for because they are taller, the branches bush out, and are also thick, making it difficult to see through to the other side of them. Rather than the sharp and rough needles that evergreens have, a Hemlock has short, soft needles. They will help add a great look to any home and give you privacy.

Evergreen Shrubs Gives You Privacy

A privet hedge is another shrub that is great for giving you the privacy you are looking for. This hedge will form a wall between your property and the outside. You can then be assured that you can do the things that you want without all of your neighbors checking up on you. The privet hedge will need to be trimmed periodically to keep it looking its best. When you trim this hedge consistently, it will continue to grow, fill in, and become thicker. This helps to add to the privacy that you are looking for.

While you are doing some landscaping work around your home, there are many options out there. When looking for privacy or adding a unique edging look to your walkway, driveway, or flower gardens, shrubs make a great addition.

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Evergreen Shrubs Are A Great Addition To Anyone's Yard

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