Nellie R Stevens Holly

Nellie R Stevens Holly

Nellie R Stevens Holly

The Nellie Stevens holly plant is hardy and resistant to various environmental stresses. It does well in both full sun and partial shade, on either alkaline or acidic soil, and with either plenty of water or prolonged drought. Let's look deeper into the growth and care of this low-maintenance and evergreen shrub.

Why Choose Nellie Stevens

There has been a meteoric rise in demand for Nellie Stevens. Its yearly growth rate of up to 3 feet makes it an excellent choice for privacy screening and hedging.

In addition, it proliferates in a neglected environment. Nellie Stevens holly plants may thrive in full sun or moderate shade, so there's no need for a green thumb to tend to them. And contrary to other hedge trees, which can brown out in the hot weather or moderate droughts, these trees will remain a lush, deep green throughout the year, much to your delight.

Landscaping Tips with Nellie Stevens Holly Tree

If you need a sturdy tree to anchor the edges of your house, look no further than the Nellie Stevens Holly Tree. Having so many uses in landscaping has made this tree quite popular. The holly would make incredible scenery. Plant several of them together and eventually form a beautiful hedge. You can also use this holly tree as a standalone specimen.

Put a Nellie Stevens on either side of the entrance to your house


It will tie the room together and give the illusion of more space. To further enhance the visual appeal of your landscaping design, plant a few kaleidoscope abelia to surround every tree.

You can build a privacy hedge with Nellie Stevens holly since it proliferates and requires little care. The perennial plant looks great in every season. Besides, it adds a touch of class to any outdoor space where you plant it. You may find this variety of holly at many garden centers and home improvement stores.

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