The wintergreen plant is a perennial forest plant

The wintergreen plant is a perennial forest plant

Wintergreen Plant

The wintergreen plant is a perennial forest plant native to eastern North America. It bears unspotted, dark green leaves and produces a white, pinkish-purple flower. This plant is the namesake of wintergreen flavor; the scent of wintergreen oil contributes to modern-day chewing gum and toothpaste flavors.

Reasons to Purchase this Plant
1. Easy to grow
It is straightforward to grow as it can adapt to various growing conditions. It grows best in partially shaded areas with humus-rich soil and moist, acidic soil. The plant is low maintenance and does not require any pruning.

2. Thrives almost anywhere
Wintergreen is also a very resilient plant. It can thrive in almost any soil and even in abandoned industrial areas. It is resistant to high winds, drought, heat, and cold.

3. The color of the blooms
The wintergreen plant is also renowned for its scented flowers, showing through in the flowers it produces. The blooms have a beautiful pale pink color and produce a sweet scent that attracts insects, resulting in pollination.

4. Low prices offered
The wintergreen plant is inexpensive compared to other forest plants. It is also a very easy-to-grow and maintained plant and is therefore on sale at any time of the year. It is also sold in low quantities as it is a slow-growing plant.

Bloom Seasons

The wintergreen bloom season is from June to early August. The bloom season depends on the type of wintergreen plant you purchase and the climate where you live. The extract is harvested from late summer through fall and can be harvested yearly. The red berries are only available in the autumn, while the scented blooms are available all year round.

Where it Would Look Great
Wintergreen looks best in a garden. It would look great as an ornamental plant for a landscape or as a house plant. The plants are also durable, so they can be grown outside any season and survive the harshest weather conditions or extreme temperatures. It makes the plant ideal to be developed in highway medians, roadside verges, parks, and other public spaces.

Wintergreen plants are cheap and easy to grow


They can be shipped nationwide and are available in various forms and sizes. Their fast shipping and low prices encourage the use of this plant as a landscape choice.


Milkweed Plant

Milkweed Plant

Milkweed Plant is an easy-to-grow plant that is essential for many butterfly gardens. Several characteristics that appeal to gardeners and butterfly watchers alike include its size, flowering time, sturdiness, and natural attraction for butterflies. They are typically found in Zones 3 to 9. It enjoys full sun but can deal with a bit of shade here and there. Milkweed Plants Can Get Up To 5 Feet High They usually appear in bunches of strong green stalks that could reach up to 5 feet high but typically 2 to 4 feet. Thanks to the sturdy nature of these stems, there is no need to prop them up; they will stand on their own. The leaves are various shades of green, thick and robust. They grow to about 6 to 8 inches long and 2 to 4 inches wide. It is ideal for planting to place these about 18 inches apart. Additionally, this flower requires no fertilizers and does well in less-than-perfect soil. Their flower pods grow from the top of the flower and are usually found in small groups, producing many flowers at once. The flowers grow to about .75 inches and .4 inches wide. They are generally light to dark pink and let off a lovely, sweet scent. The Milkweed Plant Grows Fruit Pods Fruit pods also grow on Milkweed plants. They are about 4 inches long and shaped like a sphere, with little nubs growing on them. The pods start out green and, as they mature, turn brown. At this stage, they can be used for flower arrangements. Once they dry completely, they will split open. Many seeds can be taken from one pod. Milkweed Plant Is a Vital Butterfly Garden Plant Finally, the Milkweed plant is an ideal and vital flower for Monarch Butterflies. Not only do they eat the leaves, but they also form their chrysalis and mature and hatch on the very same flower.

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