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Christmas ferns are perennials and are native to eastern North America.TThe base, however, is woody.

Christmas Fern

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Christmas Fern - Polystichum acrostichoides Hardy Planting Zones- 3-9 Sun or Shade – Part Shade to Full Shade Mature Height - 12-24" Mature Width- 12-24" Bloom Season – Non-flowering Gardener Status- Beginner

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Christmas Fern can grow year-round indoors and stay lush and green with the proper amount of watering and sunlight.

A Polystichum acrostichoides is commonly called a Christmas Fern.

These plants are perennials and are native to eastern North America. This is shorter plants reaching a height of about 2 feet. This evergreen plant is scaly and green. The base, however, is woody. Leaves on a Christmas Fern are pointy, and each has a patter of about 30 lance-shaped leaves.

These trees stay green all year around, and as you can guess, this includes Christmas. Its life is approximately two years. Christmas ferns hardiness zones 3-9 in the United States. Although the plant itself may reach two feet in height, the leaves themselves can grow to be about 3 feet long and 4 inches wide. Christmas ferns can be grown inside or outside, however, outside provide the least amount of requirements.

Regardless of where you decide to plant, Christmas ferns require well-draining soil, and it must be rich in nutrients that are purely organic.

They should be watered once a week or at a rate that will keep the water consistently moist since these places need humid environments. Hotter climates may be the best withholding indoors to retain moisture and prevent overexposure to the sun.

Christmas ferns can grow as tall as 3 feet at full growth. This fern is native to North America and can grow from up north all the way to the Gulf states. This fern is on the top list around Christmas because of its name, and it can be given as a gift. They can be bought as hanging baskets or in potted containers and grow indoors. Christmas Fern also called Polystichum Acrostichoides. Hardy planting zones are 3-9. The growth rate is up to 14 inches per year. It prefers moist soils with partial sun to partial shade. It needs to be rotated so that it gets all equal parts. This fern is flexible in that it can grow inside or out, but most homeowners prefer to bring it indoors. This fern is in high demand around the holidays because they make great gifts, who doesn’t love houseplants? Ferns are easy to take care of and needs little attention.

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