Eastern Red Cedar

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  • Eastern Red Cedar Tree is a fast-growing evergreen and will thrive in various soil types.
  • Eastern Red Cedar is a Fast Growing Evergreen.

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Eastern Red Cedar, Juniperus Virginiana is a Fast Growing Evergreen

Hardy planting zones are 2-9; The growth rate is 2 to 3 feet per year; The Cedar Tree is a fast-growing evergreen and will thrive in various soil types. This tree will bring lots of green color to a lawn and will look amazing when fully grown. This tree can grow to be 40 to 50 feet tall and around 8 to 15 feet wide. It will prefer to be planted in full sunlight so that it can grow and thrive. These trees are perfect for decorating and adding special touches to a lawn in the Holiday seasons. This tree will make a grand statement in a garden and will be beautiful when fully grown. It will work great to attract and bring birds and squirrels to an area. This tree will add an excellent curb appeal to a home when it can grow to its fullest potential.

Eastern Red Cedar, Juniperus Virginiana adds Excellent Curb Appeal to your home

It must be well taken care of and kept after planting it for it to take off and become a helpful tree in the first couple of years. It has dark green needles during the spring and summer months. Then as autumn approaches, the needles slowly begin to change, and come the winter months, the needles have a reddish tint. The cedar tree has a distinct smell, and sometimes people will go out and take a few clippings off the tree to put in their home during the holiday seasons. Cedar is also known for making furniture. Cedar chest and picnic tables are popular buys. The red cedar had pine cone seeds, and each cone has anywhere from 10-15 seeds. The red cedar also has scale-like leaves, making the tree easy to pick out when other trees are around. Once the tree has reached a mature age, the bark becomes easy to tear off.


Eastern Red Cedar, Juniperus Virginiana is For Sale at TN Online Wholesale at Low Rates and Fast Shipping

 Eastern Red Cedar plants or Juniperus virginiana are present practically wherever in the United States. However, they are native to the country's eastern North America side. They can withstand the cold in the northern part and the heat of the southern areas. They are resistant to many seasonal fluctuations, including ice and snow, as well as heatwaves and droughts. They're also ideal for privacy trees because of their thick foliage and enormous mature height. They will shut out noisy neighbors and the hustle and bustle of city life, transforming your garden into your private oasis. They also work well as wind and noise barriers. Use them to cover your driveway to avoid snow from sweeping in and accumulating out traffic noise.

Bright green foliage emerges in a pyramidal shape, providing a magnificent, elegant everlasting look that will impress your visitors and neighborhood throughout the year. During bad weather, the dense foliage of the Eastern Red Cedar provides a haven for wildlife. These trees produce beautiful flowers in early spring and little blue-colored berries in the winter, which attract birds. What's better? Pests are repelled by the fragrant woodsy aroma of Eastern Red Cedar plants. Many people remove a few twigs and use them as organic mosquito repellent and ornamental accents indoors, especially around the holidays.

Until they are fully mature, Eastern Red cedar can attain a height of 30 to 60 feet with a width of 2 feet. When you plant them in well-drained soil, this medium-to-fast-growing plant can reach a height of over 8 feet in just five years. Annually, the Eastern Cedar grows 13 to 24 inches taller. It's preferable if you cultivate it in full sun for at least six hours every day. The aromatic, finely grained, fragile, brittle, very lightweight, pinkish, and brownish-red wood is exceptionally durable even in interaction with dirt. You can use the wood to create fence posts due to its resistance to rot. Because moths dislike aromatic wood, it is famous for lining clothing chests and wardrobes. You can call them "cedar closets" or "cedar chests." It invites birds like Cedar Waxwings.

If the wood is properly prepared and handled, you can make great English bows, arrows, and flatbows. Native people manufacture sinew-backed bows from it if adequately prepared. It is advertised as "aromatic cedar" and "eastern redcedar." Among the few kinds of wood ideal for creating pencils are the best bits of the heartwood. This evergreen tree can grow near roads, sidewalks, and patios because it is salt tolerant. That can endure brackish marshy environments in the southern section of Virginia and salt-sprayed coastal dunes.

Best Time to Harvest: May to June

Light: Full sun

Water: Drought tolerance when established

Zone: 2-9

Height at Maturity: 30-60 feet tall

Sun Exposure: Partial shade in full sun

Ship as: Bareroot

Although it is a slow-growing tree, people love it for its appearance and benefits. You can also buy Eastern Red Cedar Tree for sale from Wholesale Nursery. We deliver well-maintained and nutrient-rich plants to you. Their growth is easy and requires less maintenance. 


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Additional Information

Latin Name- Juniperus Virginiana Hardy Planting Zone- 4-9 Mature Height- 40-50 ft Width- 8-15 ft Sun or Shade- Full Sun
Planting Zones 2-9
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