Straw Vine Mitchella Repens

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  • Straw Vine Mitchella Repens
  • Straw Vine Mitchella Repens

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Mitchella repens is a Medium Growing Vine

It is located growing in wooded areas, along stream banks and sandy hills. Straw Vine does best in zones three to eight. Straw vine is a smaller plant, growing half a foot high with the maximum spread of one foot per plant. Straw Vine likes fertile, medium moisture soil along with full shade for coverage. The plant has dark green, oval, glossy leaves that are approximately half an inch long, and the flowers are tubular-shaped, white or light pink, and fragrant. Straw Vine has a long, creeping stem with a pair of leaves every few centimeters, and they form colonies once they become established. These flowers bloom from May until July and thrive in pairs. This perennial also develops red berries after the flowers bloom in July, and they stay around all through the winter.


Mitchella Repens is a Favorite of Novice Gardeners

Mitchella Repens is not an aggressive plant and will not take over an area and push other plants out, preferring to stay in its planted area. This perennial is a well-known bird attractant and has the added benefit of not having any significant disease or insect problems. This plant grows at medium speed, taking some time to get adequately established but growing at a decent rate after proving itself. Straw Vine is an easy to care for plant that is a favorite of novice gardeners. These unique perennials ship to the consumer in their bare-root form, so they arrive in top-notch condition.


Mitchella Repens is a Low-Growing Plant That Many Prefer Due To Its Esthetic Appeal

The variety is known as Repens due to its inclination to trail or crawl. It has a place with the Madder Family (Rubiaceae). This plant is likewise local to focal and eastern North America. Other than Repens, many individuals know this plant from a few different names, for example, Mitchella Repens, Squaw Berry, Two-peered toward Berry, and Running Fox. You might observe these plants in the dry or sodden forests, stream banks, rotting logs, and other clammy conditions.

It is an evergreen creeper plant that bears sets of white blossoms that therefore form into radiant red berries. These plants require a vast region to thrive since they spread by stretching and putting down roots at the hubs of the branches. The whole plant is humble from its sets of little, adjusted evergreen passes on to its minuscule channel formed pinkish-white blossoms and its red berries. Its flowers venture into four petals as they sprout. The petal tips have a weighty layer of little white hair. Its blossoms are borne in gatherings of two. One berry develops from two treated blossoms, and the ovaries of the two blossoms converge to deliver the natural product. It's likewise valuable for diminishing weighty feminine dying, draining in pregnancy. Conditioning and strength of the body's tissues are fundamental to the uterus, ovaries, and urinary plot.

A lasting spice might arrive at statutes of up to 2 inches and widths of 6 to 12 inches. To develop this plant adequately to pick a spot with all-around depleted soil wealthy in humus. As a rule, the plant requires sandy, slanted soil that is neither acidic nor antacid. It is ideal to some degree conceal; however, it can deal with the daylight. It sprouts from pre-summer through late spring, yet the rosy berries will wait on the plant all through winter whenever left alone.

Its berries are palatable yet rather dull. The flavor might go from gentle to harsh or cranberry-like; likewise, people consume natural products. You might eat it new or convert it into jam, sauce, or pie. Its berries additionally draw in a few birds and bugs.

It is a spice that guides the formation of medications. Ladies might utilize it to treat feminine spasms, labor, and sore areolas. Besides that, individuals may here and there utilize it to treat sleep deprivation. As a moderate diuretic, it assists with diminishing extreme pee. It additionally supports the treatment of gastrointestinal diseases and runs.

 It develops gradually yet reliably, eventually making a thick layer of partridgeberry ground cover. It also has exciting leaves, blossoms, and organic products. It is a colder year garden that is a must-have for specific nursery workers. Its dark green foliage and red berries are sights on bone-chilling cold weather days.

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Harvest time: May to July

Sun Exposure: Full sunlight 

Bloom Season Summer, Spring

Color:   Red

Ship as: Bareroot


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Additional Information

itchella repens is a non-climbing vine perennial. This perennial is found from Eastern Canada to Florida, Texas, and Guatemala.
Planting Zones 4-9
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