Mitchella repens is a non-climbing vine perennial.

Mitchella Repens

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itchella repens is a non-climbing vine perennial. This perennial is found from Eastern Canada to Florida, Texas, and Guatemala.

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It is located growing in wooded areas, along stream banks, and along sandy hills. Straw Vine does best in zones three to eight. This is a smaller plant, growing a half a foot high with the maximum spread of one foot per plant. Straw Vine likes fertile, medium moisture soil along with full shade for coverage. The plant has dark green, oval, glossy leaves that are approximately a half an inch long and the flowers are tubular-shaped, white or light pink, and fragrant. Straw Vine has a long, creeping stem with a pair of leaves every few centimeters, and they form colonies once they become established. These flowers bloom from May until July and thrive in pairs. This perennial also develops red berries after the flowers bloom in July and they stay around all through the winter.

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Mitchella Repens is not an aggressive plant and will not take over an area and push other plants out, preferring to stay in the area its planted. This perennial is a well-known bird attractant, as well as having the added benefit of not having any significant disease or insect problems. This plant grows at medium speed, taking some time to get adequately established but growing at a decent rate after it does prove itself. Straw Vine is easy to care for plant that is a favorite of novice gardeners. These unique perennials ship to the consumer in their bare-root form; so they arrive in top-notch condition.

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