Northern Privet

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  • Privet can grow three feet a year with adequate water and nutrients.
  • Privet is probably the fastest growing hedge plant you will find.

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 Northern Privet- Ligustrum x ibolium are Fast Growing and Hardy in Zones 4-9

Northern Privet Plants are hardy in zones 4 through 9. Northern Privets grow well in most conditions and soils; Privets are prized as privacy screens and windbreaks because of their rapid growth habits. To create a hedge, plant shrubs 5 to 6 feet apart and expect growth of 1 to 2 feet per year in every direction, resulting in a reliable hedge within two or three years. Planting privets closer than 5 feet apart is not recommended. This plant features dark green glossy leaves and sweet-smelling creamy white flowers in late spring to early summer. They can grow to 15 feet tall and wide but can be kept under control through vigorous yearly pruning.

Northern Privet Plants can be sculpted into appealing shapes and are ideal shrubs for gardeners who enjoy pruning. The shrub plant found in many counties in the United States originally came from Japan and was introduced to the United States in the mid-1940s. Homeowners have seen Northern Privet Plants to be most useful as a hedge plant because of their dense leaves and quick growth rate.


Northern Privet, Ligustrum x ibolium are Prized as Privacy Screens and Windbreaks 

 When grown in more relaxed, more northern areas in the United States, gardeners will find that its leaves will not grow as densely, and the plant will not be as tall. Since it grows quickest in hotter climates, it will often require sheering during the summer seasons. This provides an excellent means for homeowners to construct a natural-looking fence or sheer it into any design they wish. The plant is considered a weed in some states, and once established in a given area, it is tough to remove. The fruit that they bear can be transplanted, and new plants will arise from the seeds.

Climate Zone: 4 to 9

Mature Height: 12 to 16 feet

Sunlight: Prefers: Full Sun to Partial Shade.

Blooming Season: Early Summer

Soil Conditions: Fine, textured soil; some sand to some clay

Botanical Name: Ligustrum


Northern Privet, Ligustrum x ibolium. is For Sale at TN Wholesale Nursery with Low Prices and Fast Shipping

If you are searching for an exotic plant that doubles as a privacy hedge, go for Privet right away!

Privet plants belong to the family Oleaceae and are used as screens and ornamental plantings. They are native to the US, Europe, Australia, and Asia. This classic shrub provides a properly maintained look to the boundary of your house when used as a privacy plant. They grow well in Hardy zones 4 to 9.

L. vulgare Privet plants are an average-to-fast growing species, adding 2 feet height per year and reaching up to 15 feet once matured. Some other species of this genus grow as high as 30 feet and 10 feet wide. They come in both varieties (evergreen or deciduous), displaying beautiful dense foliage throughout all seasons. It is best to plant these evergreen shrubs in spring or fall. 

There are as many as 50 species of Privet grown in different regions, including the common Privet ligustrum Vulgare and Privet ligustrum ovalifolium. Some of the most common are:

Golden Privet: It is named so because of the golden leaf margins. It grows the best in hardy zones 5 to 8, reaching 10 to 15 feet on maturity.

Border Privet is among the most notable border plants and withstands extreme cold conditions. This evergreen shrub can survive in hardy zone 3 as well.

California Privet: California Privet develops hardy in 4 to 9 zones, reaching around 15 feet tall on maturity.

The leaves are oval and mostly glossy green in color, one to three inches in length. However, the leaf shades vary depending on the various species. The yellow-colored stems follow a four-ranked growth pattern that you can observe in the form of an X by cutting the stem lengthwise. In early summer, tiny, half-inch, or less long white flowers appear on the plant. They have a distinct fragrance that some people may not like. Clusters of black, round fruits come in the fruiting season. The fruit, when crushed, reveals a single seed. Plants in the cooler regions shed their leaves in Autumn.

Privet plants do not require extensive care and perform well in full to partial sun. Up to 6 hours of sun every day give the foliage a pretty color. These plants tolerate various soils such as acidic and alkaline, though they prefer a neutral pH. Their salt tolerance makes them famous for planting near ocean sprays and other areas with high salt concentrations. 

Privet hedging plants need minimum care and thrive on their own. They are manageable and do well in various climatic conditions. Just make sure to provide well-drained soil and weekly watering to the plant in the growing years, and you are sorted! Dig it a few feet deep when planting, keep the ground moist in dry spells and add adequate fertilizer in the growing season. 

While the Privet shrubs are a common natural boundary, the fruits attract birds from surrounding places that help seed dispersal. These small trees are an excellent way of protecting yourself from the noise pollution in the neighborhood and invading animals, if any. 

Buy Northern Privet Plants from us that suit your location well and conveniently get a natural privacy Privet hedge!

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The Northern Privet is probably the most well-known hedge plant available. Hardy in zones 5 through 9 . Northern Privets grows well in most conditions and soils. Privets are prized as privacy screens and windbreaks because of their rapid growth habit
Planting Zones 4-9
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