Concord Grape Vine

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Concord Grape Vine
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Concord Grape Vine

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Concord Grape 

Concord Grape Vine—Vitis labrusca

 Concord grape vines have been cultivated in the Americas since 1843 and remain one of the most widespread grape vines to grow at home. They produce medium-sized glossy, sweet, blue-black grapes when ripe. The large, three-lobed leaves turn bright shades of orange and gold during the fall, making this vine a colorful addition to any garden.

Concord grape vine is an easy-to-grow vine that can grow up to 20 feet tall and 20 feet wide, especially in areas with good, warm air circulation

That means they will provide a wonderful shady area for relaxation in the most beautiful areas of the Perennial Gardens.

Moreover, this particular grapevine usually ripens in late mid-season, which is perfect for Northern gardeners and landscapers in Zone 4 to Zone 9. The vine thrives in areas with full sun and well-drained soil, including sand, loam, clay, or a mix of the three. Despite the need for good air circulation, the Concord variety does best when sheltered from cold winter winds and standing water.

They are also very popular with gardeners and landscapers due to their ease of growth and low maintenance when planted correctly. These vines require sturdy support from pergolas, fences, arbors, Trellis Climber, trees, or walls to hold up their twining stems for the best grape harvest.

Concord grape vines also provide a beautiful leafy cover through the warm months, bright colors in the fall, and delicious fruits when ripe

Since these vines will attract all kinds of hungry critters, from birds to squirrels, it's best to cover them in netting to prevent a loss of harvest without harming the natural wildlife in the area. These vines are shipped to the customer in a bare root form to arrive in top-notch condition for planting.

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