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Witch Hazel Shrub

Witch Hazel Shrub

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Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel Shrub is a shrub or small tree, deciduous, with beautiful yellow flowers that emerge to brighten your yard in the late winter. The tree will thrive in the either full or filtered sun in USDA plant hardiness zones 5 through 8.

The tree can grow to approximately 25' high, but many cut them back into a low shrub instead. Some gardeners will let witch hazel grow to its lovely full height, especially to create privacy or to block an unsightly view. However, it tolerates pruning well, so others shape it into a lower hedge.

Wholesale Nursery recommends this species for anyone who craves a pop of cheerful, vibrant yellow during the last weeks of winter.

The species grows quickly, enjoying a relatively rapid growth rate of two to three feet yearly. This fast-growing cycle makes it perfect for any spot needing fast coverage.

It is both cold-hardy and drought-hardy. But many plant it because it is a deer-resistant shrub. While a hungry deer is often not particular about what it eats, they have sensitive noses and avoid specific fragrances. Because these flowers bloom during the winter scarcity, a deer will more likely forage for a less fragrant option.

Witch Hazel Is a Wintertime Stunner

The flowers appear from January to February in most growing zones. The flowers have four or five petals, a bright golden yellow color, and ribbon petals with a lovely, wavy texture and a dark green to brown center.

The flowers give way to early spring leaves--a lovely light green that wakes up the landscape and announces the arrival of spring. Leaves are small—usually less than 4" long, with slightly serrated edges and an almost perfect oval shape.

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John Reed
Witch Hazel is growing

Witch Hazel is growing and already has leaves on it. I’m happy!

Olivia Clark

I believe that we have located the nursery that will become our new one-stop shop for all of our plants needs! I really like the catalog as well as the way the plants are packaged.

We really appreciate you taking the time to leave us your 5-star review. It means a lot to the whole team, and we’d love to have you back very soon.