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  • Witherod Viburnum Fascines
  • Witherod Viburnum Fascines

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Witherod Viburnum Fascines, Viburnum Nudum is a Marvelously Gorgeous Berry Producing Shrub

The Witherod Viburnum plant is a deciduous suckering shrub that grows typically half a dozen to over a dozen feet wide and tall, making it ideal for hedges, borders, rain gardens, wetlands, and labyrinths if so desired. It requires little maintenance and has no serious pest or disease problems, tolerating shade and moisture finely. It can also handle summer drought. The Witherod Viburnum is beautiful throughout the year and is excellent for attracting butterflies and pollinating bees too. Birds also frequent the Witherod Viburnum bush and appreciate remnants of the edible berries present during winter.

The Witherod Viburnum is hardy and can be a practical addition to the garden, but it also is visually appealing all year round. The smooth bark is a grayish brown with raised pores, also known as lenticels. The leaves are elliptical in shape, lustrous in texture, and 3 to 4 inches long with pointed tips and delicately serrated edges. They are a vivid green color turning to a range of eye-catching oranges, reds, topaz, and purples for Autumn. The tiny five-petaled flowers are a lovely ivory white or can even be light pink and bloom generously in flat-topped circular clusters. Even more impressive are the marvelously gorgeous berries that begin as green in early Summer and change to yellow, then shades of pink, reds, purples, and blue until they finally reach a dark berry black.

The pinks can range from light baby pink to flaming fuchsias and magentas. A branch of berries on the Witherod Viburnum Fascines can contain all of the colors at once, making the sight extra incredible to take in, especially near the end of Autumn when most colorful things besides leaves have gone. The Witherod Viburnum Live Stakes are easy to grow and welcome tenants for any home, park, or castle.

Witherod Viburnum Fascines, Viburnum Nudum have a Showy Edible Fruit Production that attracts Pollinators 

Hardy in planting zones 3-8. The growth rate at maturity can reach 5-12 feet tall and 5-12 feet wide. Witherod Viburnum works well as a hedge or in a rain garden. It is low maintenance and will attract butterflies. It also will have a showy edible fruit—plant in part shade medium to wet average soil but prefers moist ones. Lightly prune if needed in the fall. If you prune after blooming is finished, it will reduce some fruiting displays in the late Summer. Plant it in groups for better cross-pollination and better fruiting. Fruit will ripen from a pinkish to almost a blackish purple, and even though they are acidic, you can eat them. These berries give fascinating contrast to the leaves.

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The leaves are a variety of vibrant colors like purple and maroon throughout autumn, making mass plantings of the colorful shrub addition to uncultivated areas. Witherod viburnum has a moderate growth rate. At maturity, the plant reaches six to 12 fe
Planting Zones 3-8
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