10 Fast-Growing Trees Recommended for TN Climates

10 Fast-Growing Trees Recommended for TN Climates

Fast Growing Trees

Ideally, you’ll want a variety of fast-growing trees. Having an assortment prevents your landscape from appearing bare during winter.

Red Maple
It produces tones of orange and red during the fall. The Red Maple also has red buds, and its large leaves provide shade during the summer. This tree grows quite fast and stands more than 90 feet tall when it matures. It lives from 60-150 years.

Weeping Willow
This fast-growing tree has a distinct shape; its leaves stretch and hang far and long enough to provide shade. It resembles an umbrella and can act like one while it rains. The Weeping Willow leaves do turn yellow and fall every year. However, these leaves also regrow in the spring more quickly than other deciduous plants. It will grow to two feet within the first year and live between 40 and 75 years.

Tulip Poplar Tree
This magnolia tree has flowers resembling tulips. These yellow-tipped, golden blossoms usually first appear in May. Some poplars might also produce flowers splashed with orange. The Tulip Poplar grows fast during its younger years and reaches up to 90 feet tall. It attracts hummingbirds and other wildlife.

The Spruce Pine

You can plant them close enough to create a green border around your property. They grow at least two feet per year and reach up to 50 feet tall. They will provide color on your estate year-round and make significant privacy barriers for times when traditional fences would not meet the code.

Yellow Pine
They give your landscape a rustic look, similar to what you would find in a cabin out in the woods. Its height can exceed more than 100 feet but typically grows between 50-80 feet tall. If you’re not tempted to cut it down and use its wood for building projects, it can live 150 years. The leaves don’t span far, so placing a Yellow Pine between two other trees is easy. The Yellow Pine grows about two feet per year.

Loblolly Pine
It provides color to your land year-round and serves as an animal habitat for foxes, rabbits, deer, or doves and turkeys. The Loblolly Pine withstands snowstorms if you ever have one, and they could grow two feet or more per year. It’s one of the fastest-growing conifer trees and reaches up to 90 feet tall.

They provide shade for your yard quickly. They reach about two feet higher yearly, extending up to 100 feet. The Sycamore provides plenty of backyard shade and spreads up to 100 feet wide. Male leaves turn yellow, and female trees produce red blossoms.

White Dogwoods Are An Excellent Addition To Your Landscape

They only grow to about 25 feet, but they reach maturity quickly. They’re near perfect sides of the house where you might not want a more enormous tree towering over your roof. Dogwoods also provide room for smaller flowers, shrubs, and plants you would place near your home’s perimeter. These fast-growing trees would make an excellent addition to your front yard landscape design.

River Birch
This tree grows at least 1.5 feet per year. You can plant it just about anywhere because it will grow in full sun or in areas with at least a bit of shade. It does best in well-drained, fertile soil and needs quite a bit of water. However, it also will thrive in sandy soil.

This tree grows as much as 4 feet in one year and is up to 60 feet high. However, it does need at least 4-6 hours of direct sunlight daily. It resists most bug infestations, and it does grow in a variety of soil conditions. Moreover, its tree roots can produce offshoot plants. The Sassafras color spectrum adds liveliness to your property, and it even has edible roots, leaves, and flowers used in tea and soda.

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