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Weeping Willow 3.49

Weeping Willow 3.49

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Weeping Willow Tree

Weeping Willow Tree (Salix Babylonica) is a graceful and lovely tree, best known for its appearance. Its trademark feature is its long, droopy branches and tightly formed pale green leaves. The species is easy-going regarding light conditions and can grow well from full sun to partial shade in USDA plant hardiness zones 4 through 10.

The tree is a species native to Asia. However, American gardeners adopted this water-loving tree long ago and started using it in some of the most challenging, muddy wetlands. Today, it's naturalized to the growing conditions of the United States and is prevalent along riverbeds.

The Tree Has Charm to Spare.

The weeping willow tree grows at least two feet per growing season, reaching an average size of 50' high and 40' wide. The crown has a soft, round shape and is slightly asymmetrical.

The branches bear leaves in a long oval shape--some as big as 6" long and up to 2" wide. They're a lovely medium shade of silver-green. The branches form upright, then curve downward, creating an arched and rather droopy appearance. It's a charming look that many admire.

It's often unnoticed due to the draping branches, but the tree trunk is a coffee-bean brown with intriguing furrowing that adds texture.

The Weeping Willow Tree Improves Soil Quality

Wet, heavy soil often becomes compacted when it dries. This scenario creates optimal conditions for erosion. However, the weeping willow tree can help to reduce the harmful impact by lessening soil compaction.

This species has a shallow, wide-spreading root system stretching as far as fifty feet. While the tree grows taller above the earth, it matures below the surface. As the roots lengthen and strengthen, they break up the soil from beneath. This activity de-compacts the ground naturally and without any work on your part.

The surrounding soil will absorb rainwater more quickly, thus mitigating your erosion problem.

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Hi James, Your kind words about our plants are really appreciated. Our customers’ feedback guides our business and helps us keep improving the service we provide. We look forward to delivering another excellent experience to you next time you purchase from us.