Flowering Shrubs Add A Burst Of Color To Any Landscape

Flowering Shrubs Add A Burst Of Color To Any Landscape

Flowering shrubs can make an attractive addition to any landscape

When creating the perfect design for a yard, it is important to add color and a unique element to the flowery mix. These plants are often fragrant and used as a foundation for a stunning addition. It is commonly used as hedging or to create a private feeling in a yard. Wide varieties are popular, but some of the best flowering bushes are here.

The Flowering Shrubs Hydrangea

There are hundreds of varieties of these shrubs available. They come in many beautiful color variations, from pink, purple, white, and blue. They are commonly recognized for their large, fragrant pom-pom blossoms. The hydrangeas bloom from the early spring until late fall. They can grow rather large and are known to be able to climb a tree. First discovered in Southeastern Asia, these plants have been used for centuries to smoke, create teas, or be used as ornamental plants. Their large and domineering appearance makes them the perfect additions to any landscaping.

The Flowering Shrubs Burning Bush

Named after the famous Biblical event in the book of Exodus, the burning bush is a stunning flowering shrub. These bushes flower in the autumn and add an attractive splash of color to the fall decor. As giant bushes, these can grow over 15 feet tall. The vibrant colors are shades of red and can even have a touch of pink. This bush will also have berries that grow in the fall season. These pants were brought to the US from Asia. They prefer dry soil instead of wet conditions, making them a Zone 4 plants.


Many people are shocked to learn that forsythias are a member of the olive family. Native to Eastern Asia, these bushes come in 11 different species. They are characteristically known for their grey-brown bark and their vibrant yellow flowers. Of all the flowering shrubs, this one is one of the most common to see around landscapes. This bush reaches its peak in the springtime and leaves a beautiful addition to any flower garden. They are hardy and can withstand different zones. Chinese herbology has widely used it as one of the significant 50 herbs. The branches of this bush are also used to create strings for the ajaeng instrument in Korea. These bushes are widely used in parks, gardens, or along roadways because of their stunning beauty and versatility.

Flowering bushes can create a colorful array for any landscape design. These three varieties are hardy and boom over several weeks, giving any space an incredible hue of color. These bushes can withstand pests that would destroy other plants. They have vigorous growth, and because of their root systems, they are a strong and sturdy option. When selecting the perfect shrubs for landscape designs, these bushes can be paired with other plants and shrubs or be used alone. With fragrant smells and a burst of fabulous colors, these plants make the perfect addition to any area.

Flowering Shrubs Is A Great Way To Brighten Up Your Yard

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