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Package deals offer some of TN Nursery's best-selling plants at a great discount. When you're designing your garden and overall landscape, there are some plants you'll need in large quantities, while you might want just a handful of others. We offer both package deals and individual plants so you can customize your outdoor space and put your own stamp of creativity on it.

Package Deals: Factors To Consider When Building Your Garden

Our offers cover all types of plants, so you can pick and choose the perfect ones for your gardening needs.

We Offer Native plants

Native plants naturally adapt to your landscape as if they've always been there. They effortlessly evolve over time and support local pollinators.

Local Pollinators

Choosing a wide selection of flower shapes, sizes, and colors draws pollinators like butterflies, bees, and hummingbirds to your garden. We offer many plants that produce abundant pollen and nectar. A general rule of thumb for attracting pollinators is to choose vibrant colors, like yellow, blue, red, and purple, but some pollinators are also drawn to white flowers.

While most gardens are showiest in the spring and summer, you can keep the beauty going all year long if you choose staggered blooming times. Opting for plants that bloom at different times of the year also ensures you have a steady food supply for your pollinators.

A Mix of Flowers, Shrubs, And Trees

Choosing a variety of flowers, shrubs, and trees creates a diverse garden with entrancing visuals. It also creates many spots where your pollinators can shelter, build nests, and gather water.


Vines like English ivy, trumpet vine, honeysuckle, creeping juniper, and Virginia creeper grow fast and blend well with other plants. Vines can also help control soil erosion.

The Benefits of Buying Them

The most obvious benefit of buying in multiples is the discount prices. Buying this way is also convenient because you get everything you need for your garden at once. It's the easiest way to bring your visions of your garden to life -- no need for endless trips to the gardening center.

If you're ready to plant and nurture, TN Nursery has you covered so you can watch your garden evolve and grow into a stunning display of lush green and vibrant colors.

Garden Plants Nursery Has Package Deals Available Now

We offer great offers year-round. TN Nursery has a 64-year history of helping customers realize their gardening goals, and we're glad you chose us to garden with you.