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The Fan Clubmoss, Diphasiastrum Digitatum Is The Most Common Moss Species In North America And Is Known For Glossy Foliage

The fan clubmoss scientifically named the Diphasiastrum digitatum, or commonly nicknamed the ground cedar or crowsfoot, is the most common species of Diphasiastrum in North America, within one of the three main divisions of living vascular plants. Formerly included in the superspecies Diphasiastrum complanatum, its common name is due to its resemblance to cedar boughs lying on the ground, and its foliage is glossy and evergreen. With a preference for disturbed areas and coniferous forests, the clubmoss can form dense monocultures. Its subterranean gametophytes may live for many years in the soil for developing vegetative shoots.

The fan clubmoss is a low-growing perennial vascular plant without any significant amounts of wood tissue above or at the ground, usually measuring less than thirty centimeters tall. As mentioned earlier, its leaves are glossy, scale-like, and appressed just like a mature cedar's foliage, with four evenly-spaced leaves that appear as four columns. The most prominent leaves are lateral, and the leaves on the upper surface are narrow. The fan clubmoss' stems spread horizontally above the ground or just below the surface of the duff layer, and each of the upright shoots contains two or more branches near the base. Clubmoss branches usually ascend to spread in a forked and tree-like behavior and arrange themselves on the same plane in a fan-like manner, and each upright shoot measures from three to twenty inches tall. Meanwhile, vegetative shoots are typically less than eight inches.

Fan Clubmoss's, Diphasiastrum Digitatum Habitat Ranges Far And Wide, And This Plant Had Many Uses In Ancient Times

The distribution of the fan clubmoss ranges from dry to mesic habitats, acid forests, and openings. While they usually grow in eastern North America, they also thrive in Canadian regions, such as Ontario and Quebec. While there are various habitats for the fan clubmoss, they usually appear in partially shaded habitats that are moist to dry, such as open forests, thickets, and fields. Other habitats include woodlands, bluffs, sandstone cliffs, and wooded areas where oak trees and conifers grow.

The fan clubmoss is one of the earliest groups of vascular plants, having evolved about four hundred and ten million years ago. Clubmoss spores and tea from plant leaves appeared as medicine, food, and pyrotechnics in the ancient cultures of Indian America and Europe. Some medicinal uses range from remedying urinary tract problems, diarrhea, and other digestive tract problems; other purposes include headache relief and inducing labor in pregnancy. But as of modern times, researchers still look for thorough evidence on fan clubmoss's effectiveness and safety.

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