Hazel Alder Fascines

Hazel Alder Fascines

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Latin Name- ALNUS SERRULATA Zones 3-8 Mature height- 8-15 ft Mature Width- 20-30 ft Growth/year- 3 ft Sunlight- Full sun

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Hazel Alder Fascines (Alnus serrulata) is sold in live stakes and is a shrub-like tree found all across the eastern portion of the USA and Canada. This plant can be located growing as far north as the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, and as far south as parts of Florida and TexasThese trees grow to around 15 feet in height, and it takes about ten years to fully mature. The hazel alder grows best in areas full of moisture, such as near ponds, streams, and rivers. The more acidic the soil is, the better the Hazel Alders grow. In the months March and April, the hazel alder produces stunning red-green flowers called catkins. The male catkins are between 1-2 inches long, and the female catkins are about a ½ inch long. The leaves on this tree are egg-shaped and range between 2-5 inches long and 1-2 inches wide. These blades have both a dark green color on the outside and a paler green color on the inside. Another name for the hazel alder is the smooth alder since the brown bark of this tree has a very creamy texture. People have used the bark of this tree in a tea form to cure various aches and digestive issues. Also, some people have placed the bark from this tree in their shoes to relieve foot pain.


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The leaves are serrated and leathery with long, straight veins. The leaves are not retained each year. The bark is smooth and gray with a strong aromatic odor. The ideal place for maximum growth is along stream-banks and marshy areas where the soil is very moist and rich in nutrients. The shrub can reach 8-12 ft tall after ten years with a maximum height of 20-30 ft and equally as wide.

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