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Annual Phlox - 100 Plants 99.99

Annual Phlox - 100 Plants 99.99

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Annual Phlox

Annual Phlox, scientifically known as Phlox drummondii, is a charming and vibrant flowering plant that belongs to the Polemoniaceae family. This annual wildflower is native to the southeastern United States and is renowned for its colorful blossoms, making it a popular choice for gardeners and horticulture enthusiasts.

One of their most striking features is its beautiful, five-petaled flowers in various colors. These flowers are typically clustered at the top of slender, upright stems, creating a stunning display of color in gardens and landscapes. The blooms have a lovely fragrance that attracts pollinators like butterflies and bees, making them a valuable addition to pollinator gardens.

Annual Phlox Are Easy To Grow

They are known for their ease of cultivation, making them a fantastic choice for beginner and professional gardeners. It does excellent in well-drained soil and prefers total sun or partisan shade, making it adaptable to various garden conditions. These plants typically grow to 12 to 18 inches, creating a bushy and compact appearance.

Gardeners often use them in flower beds, borders, containers, or as ground cover to add color to their landscapes. They are also a favorite choice for cut flower arrangements due to their vibrant hues and long-lasting blooms.

Propagation of this plant is commonly done by sowing seeds directly in the garden. These plants are relatively low-maintenance, requiring regular watering to promote healthy growth and prolific flowering throughout the summer and into early fall.

In conclusion, the annual phlox is a delightful and versatile annual flower known for their stunning blossoms, easy cultivation, and ability to attract pollinators. Whether used as a border plant, container specimen, or a part of a larger garden design, annual phlox brings a burst of color and beauty to any outdoor space, making them a beloved choice for gardeners looking to enhance their landscapes.

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