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Annual Phlox

Annual Phlox

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Annual Phlox is closely related to the carnation. It is native to southern Europe and some parts of Asia. When the plants grow to maturity, it has a cluster of approximately 30 flowers, at the height of the stem. The flowers have five petals. The wild plants have red flowers, which are white at the rim. It has hundred of hybrid plants that come in various colors like pink, white, purple. Some hybrid plants, also come in a variety of patterns.

Annual Phlox Is An Attractive Addition to Any Garden

It is a very attractive plant that is a compliment to any garden. They come in a vast assortment of colors and patterns. The plant blossoms have attractively fringed edges, which adds to their beauty. It, also has a spicy aroma, which makes it a great addition to your garden. The spicy aroma, also makes it ideal for cut flower arrangements.

Annual Phlox Origins

It grows for two years, and it blooms in the second year. the plants origins are found in the mountains of southern Europe, northeastern China, Korea, and southeastern Russia. It is now grown all over the United States of America. These hybrid plants bloom in the spring and produce pink, white, purple, and other various color petals.

Annual Phlox Are Excellent for Containers and Pots

Annual Phlox plants not only look good in gardens, but they also look great in pots and containers. The plants are compact enough to look great in flower beds, vertical planters, and window sills. The plants can make any area more attractive. They come in an array of colors and patterns so they will enhance your garden, or they look great as a potted plant. This plant will brighten up any area.