Bracken Fern


Bracken Fern

Pteridium Aquilinum is a large, perennial fern and a native species to many parts of the world, including Europe, Asia, and North America. They are a gorgeous, true shade of green that can add life to any partially shaded area. They will flourish in USDA plant hardiness zones 3 to 11.
Bracken ferns occur in nature in woodlands, meadows, and other grassy areas. It grows with little to no care, needing only a shady spot, rich organic, woody material as you'd find in its native woods, and moist but not overly wet soil.

How to Use Bracken Ferns in Your Landscape
Wholesale Nursery clients order the bracken fern to use in filtered sunshine flower beds or the middle row of a garden border. Its lush greenery will brighten up any spot you can find to tuck it
into. Its most popular use is as a ground cover plant, thanks to its quick multiplication.

Bracken fern reproduces with no care from you through tiny spores, dust-like structures that break away from the underside of the fronds. The wind carries them to nearby locations where they germinate and grow into new plants. This reproduction cycle is why this fern makes such a well-loved Groundcover species.


Bracken Fern Is a Lovely Plant

It is known for its large, triangular fronds reaching up to three feet tall. Many small leaflets in a feathery pattern make up the beautiful, bright green fronds.
The fronds are typically around two to three feet in length and one or two feet in width. The stem of the bracken fern is usually dark brown or black and can be slightly ridged or smooth. The roots of the plant can also be quite thick.
The Bracken fern is a distinctive plant, and one can quickly identify it in the wild by its large triangular fronds resembling a shuttlecock's shape.

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Bracken fern is an excellent plant in terms of both size and color. It bursts with color and will multiply quickly, making it a coveted ground cover species. Wholesale Nursery will dig your plants fresh and ship them out quickly--place your order with us today