Bugleweed Plant


Bugleweed Plant - Ajuga reptans

Bugleweed is a plant commonly used for ground cover. It is native to Europe and is considered invasive in parts of North America. It is an evergreen plant that has multicolored leaves.

Bugleweed Plants Stay Relatively Close to the Ground 

The runners can be transplanted to other areas in the late fall or early spring. It is done by finding a mature bunch of bugleweeds and digging it up. When planting, it is essential not to cover the top of the plant thoroughly, or it will die.

Bugleweed Plant Is a Desirable Ground Cover 

Every spring, the bugleweed will sprout a vertical string of blossoms. The blossoms will stretch upward, between 6-9 inches in height, and will differ in color based on variety. The blossoms can have a rose or white color, but the most common color is a blue or purple flower.

The plant is very hardy and proliferates in a variety of soil conditions. It is incredibly forgiving and will thrive in acidic and alkaline soil. It will grow well in hardiness zones 3-10. It also can grow in direct sunlight and shade and can be used to cover patches of dirt around trees where it is difficult for grass to take root.

Another everyday use is for erosion control because of the dense network of roots. They tend to spread out and can overtake a planter because of their tentacle-like runners. You may need some edging control to keep it contained. The plant will attract butterflies and hummingbirds during the months it blossoms.

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