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Bugleweed Plant - 50 Plants

Bugleweed Plant - 50 Plants

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Bugleweed, scientifically known as Ajuga reptans, is an adaptable and low-growing perennial that belongs to the mint family, Lamiaceae. This ground cover is native to Europe but has become popular in gardens worldwide. Here's a brief overview of this fascinating plant:

Appearance: It is known for its vibrant and attractive foliage. The leaves are typically shiny and range in color from deep green to bronze purple or variegated combinations. The leaves are arranged in rosettes and have a scalloped or serrated edge, giving them an ornamental appeal.

Growth Habit: This plant forms dense mats or carpets of foliage, making it an excellent choice for ground cover in gardens and landscapes.

Flowers Of The Bugleweed

It produces striking points of small, tubular blooms that rise above the foliage in the late spring to summer. These flowers can range in color, with shades of blue and purple. They are a valuable source of nectar for hummingbirds and butterflies.

Cultural Requirements: it is a hardy and adaptable plant, thriving in various soil types, including clay, loam, and sandy soils. Regular watering is essential, but it can also take short periods of drought once established.

Maintenance: It is relatively low-maintenance. It benefits from periodic pruning to control its spread and promote compact growth. To prevent overgrowth, consider planting it in areas where barriers like edging or freely spreading can contain it.

Bugleweed is a charming, versatile ground cover plant with multicolored foliage and lovely blooms. Its adaptability to different growing conditions makes it a favorite among gardeners, while its historical medicinal uses add to its intrigue. Whether you want to improve your garden's aesthetic or lure pollinators, it can be a valuable addition to your landscape.

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Customer Reviews

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Kathryn Wagnon
Great service, Great products

My plants arrived quickly nicely packaged. Very clear planting instructions are provided. Lovely healthy roots and plants.

Stephanie Yarzak

They arrived Saturday early afternoon and I got them in the ground before sunset. Very easy to plant. Watered them good last night and again early this morning. Will be ordering another bunch when our 90 deveee days are done.